News Epcot's Kringla Bakeri og Kafe closing for major refurbishment in February


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OMG....I was almost in a school bread...what! Thank goodness they are opening a temp kiosk, but I will miss their sandwiches.


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This is long overdue! I hope they switch out the heavy iron chairs for something smaller and lighter - they are pretty big for the outdoor space they have now. Expand the outdoor seating and brighten up the interior. I think they could present the food a bit better.


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glad its expanding, but hoping its open when we return late july. Need my school bread


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Everyone immediately says "don't turn it into a Starbucks!"

Do we have such little faith that we actually expect that to happen? In World Showcase? If that were the case, there would be an airport food court in the American Pavilion already.
these days with Disney's recent track record, yes unfortunately......wouldn't surprise me at some point............dont give them any ideas. the bean counters would love it.


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Wow....a few dislikes in here. I'm so happy I can still get my school bread, my favorite snack of all time! And glad about the expansion. I love eating there, great sandwiches too.


Exec: No, Stitch’s Hot dog stand will be going into... (spins wheel) the... Italy pavilion! Because... because...

Intern: Because we want to distribute profits?

Exec: No because there is an “I” and “T” in stITch and ITaly!
I thought it was because Stitch visited Italy once??


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Had their Norweigian Club sandwich (toasted) on NYEve along with School Bread and a Viking coffee (2 liquors) and loved all three. It was a marvelous experience, shoulder to shoulder in a sea of people to find virtually no wait for 'dinner' here, and that was the absolutely the BEST club sandwich I've ever had...not a typically dry bready cold meat sandwich, but a toasted warm moist meaty melted cheesy tasty delight. Of course, I was there for the ultra tasty school bread...the Viking coffee topped it off nicely on a cool night. Then the stellar fireworks display was


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I am probably in the minority here but I really hoping the rice cream makes it on the menu for the temporary location, one of my favorite Disney desserts
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