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EPCOT Entertainment cuts


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Exactly true!!!! Music will be coming from the stage once more, at least for the holiday season!!!! And it will be done by some of the members of Off Kilter so go out and support our guys!! Marie
Cant wait to hear them again! I had never really stopped to listen. I enjoyed their arrangement of instruments, and the bag pipes are a plus. I'm glad a form of them will be back for the holiday season. Will definitely stop by!


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Unfortunately, the bagpipes arent usually a part of the Voyageurs show, but come by and support the rest of the guys!!! Also I am hearing all kinds of rumors that the Lumberjacks are gone after this fall, Any confirmation?? Marie


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I don't see this posted anywhere so I'll put this here since this thread seems to be largely about Off Kilter.

The group will be playing the Family Fall Festival in Celebration on October 24. Two shows at 1:15 and 3:00 pm. Admission is free.


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Was there last week and passed by when the lumberjack show was going. Was a crowd there, amazingly. They were tossing axes, something that made me wonder about safety concerns since there were people in the audience directly behind the guys. But, since they are only throwing a few yards, they barely had to raise the axe above their heads to toss. We kept walking.


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Still choppin.

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