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Dueling Dumbo Design Problems?


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It’s been brought to our attention that the first “brand new” Double Dumbo spinner in New Fantasyland is experiencing major technical problems due to extremely poor design.

It turns out the pit beneath the Dumbos was built too shallow and the vehicles are hitting the bottom and edges of it. The fiberglass of the brand new attraction carriages is being scraped away daily and causing the ride system to have stoppages and closures frequently.



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I read someplace that this is only a problem on the "new" (first-installed) spinner, and that it was identified and corrected on the second (older, refurbished) spinner before it opened. The running theory was that once the second one opened, the first would be briefly shut down so that the pit could be widened.


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I can only imagine what the guests must have thought when they brought Dumbo down. I'd personally freak out a little bit if I felt the vehicle brush up against the wall like that. :eek:

Magenta Panther

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OH my god...a spinner. That's what Dumbo basically is, a spinner. And the Disney ride designers screw it up. What the EFF? How...? I mean, screwing up a giant, never-before-attempted AA like the Yeti is one thing, but a spinner!!!! And one they've built before! How the heck did they mess THAT up?


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Let's see-
A fence around Casey Junior. Scraped Dumbos. An "interactive" McPlay area...Bad luck (or design) comes in threes. We should be good to go for the rest of the Fantasyland expansion.
Maybe the Imagineers assigned to this project just have problems with the most basic of attractions but are geniuses in designing complicated attractions.


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simplest option would probably be best to take off all the tiles lining the inside of the pool and just paint the concrete a similar colour, that way they'd get about 5mm more room and hopefully enough for the vehicles not to scrape.


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all they have to do is seal the hole it already made in the leg and paint it over grey again. It's already been worn down to the point that it doesnt scrape anymore.

Glad that's fixed. It's like buying a new pair of shoes and complaining the are broken because they hurt your feet before they are broken in.

The subsidized doom society is really scrambling for something to complain about if this is all they got.:rolleyes:


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all they have to do is seal the hole it already made in the leg and paint it over grey again. It's already been worn down to the point that it doesnt scrape anymore.

But wouldn't sealing a hollow leg require grafting some kind of skin over the whole, which would in turn scrape the concrete again?

Without knowing the tolerances involved, all this is just speculation on my part.


those poor elephants getting skinned knees. When I would get these "raspberries" on my knees my mom would just bandage it up and let me watch movies. That's all these boys need and they'll be back to flying in no time.

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