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Drones may be used in Disney Parks in the future.


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All I can thing is surprise on the sky 2.0 or Tapestry of Nations 2.0

I thought of the same thing with Tapestry of Nations :) sadly the drones would be to close to the guests though. Maybe it could work in the lagoon though! Actually it's funny when they first announced the millennium celebration and tapestry of nations, before knew it was a parade, I envisioned the puppets dancing around in the lagoon.

Well the subtitle these Illuminations replacement rumors have been using for years was called Sky Dance. Doing it as a Tapestry reboot mixing drone puppetry and the bag of tricks they've developed for World of Color and Rivers of Light could be spectacular.

Lands of Wonder

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Rivers of light looks amazing, I don't see much of a need for tapestry. I just hope they add in some music although what I heard already sounds great. I am curious to see if any tapestry like puppets appear under drones. Looks like they could really blow Paint the Night out of the water as well.


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Any idea on when we can expect to hear more about the new version? I'm starting to become cautiously optimistic
I'd doubt anything for a year at least. Probably longer.


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If this has been asked already, sorry. But how is Disney going to prevent the public from flying drones over the parks?


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If this has been asked already, sorry. But how is Disney going to prevent the public from flying drones over the parks?
Disney is restricted airspace under (if I remember correctly) 3000 feet, meaning anyone without approval (aka anybody who isn't Disney) who does fly in that airspace can probably be charged, or at least fined.

EDIT: Other than the threat of legal repercussions, there's only 2 ways I've heard of, either net guns (no, I'm not joking) or eagles trained to take down drones (again, no, not joking)

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Disney has applied to operate multiple drones simultaneously at Disney World Parks.

I should have mentioned that this is an approval notice.
The notice itself seems to indicate this has already been approved:
The FAA’s Flight Standards Service has reviewed your application to ensure compliance with the requirements of 14 CFR § 107.200. The Administrator finds that the proposed sUAS operation can be conducted safely under the provisions of this Certificate of Waiver (Waiver) as listed below, because you have established adequate mitigations for risks involved with operating your sUAS in the manner you described. Walt Disney Parks and Resorts U.S., Inc.’s application details the specifics of the company’s risk mitigations based on their prior flight testing, technology, operational history, and flight experience with these unique sUA and specific operations. This data ensures that Walt Disney Parks and Resorts U.S., Inc.’s remote pilots in command and visual observers will always be able to see and scan the airspace encompassing the sUA operational area and assure safety of those not directly participating in the operation. Adherence to the provisions of this Waiver establishes the required level of safety within the national airspace system.
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