Does anyone else find Rise of the Resistance and Runaway Railway underwhelming?

Do you think Rise of the Resistance and Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway are overrated?

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I voted excellent because that was how the poll put it but I think Rise was great, while Runaway was ok. Runaway is not nearly as fun as the Great Movie Ride in my opinion. A little souless in comparison.


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Uh, you can't multitask? The buttons light up to signal you to press it or you can just press them without looking. You can definitely watch the ride while simultaneously pushing buttons.

My problem is, when I am a gunner, I can't see much past the people in front of me. I'm not the tallest person and it just seemed to be very obstructed from those seats.


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I voted excellent because that was how the poll put it but I think Rise was great, while Runaway was ok. Runaway is not nearly as fun as the Great Movie Ride in my opinion. A little souless in comparison.

Hard to make a comparison but while we were not super-impressed with Runaway the first time or two, we really enjoyed it in our most recent vacation. While I would not have expected it to do so, it's grown on me.

Similarly, my expectations for Rise were through the roof, so the first time riding it I enjoyed it, but there was a but... Having ridden twice now, it really is a great ride.

But the point that I would echo here in this thread is that while the trackless ride system is a fun concept, I prefer tracks. In WDW's Pooh ride, you bounce with tigger and float in the rainstorm, which a trackless ride doesn't permit. Indiana Jones and Dinosaur would lose a ton were they trackless.


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This is a very interesting topic. I just went to WDW for the first time in 5 years and was able to ride both MMRR & RoTR. I thought both were great rides but both had some challenges.

First MMRR was too short in my opinion. It went by awfully fast and I thought spending a little more time in each room would have been warranted. They definitely could have done more with the cars as I have been on Mystic Manor in Hong Kong and it has the same technology and is done superb. I also agree they could have done more of a spinning motion when the tornado comes in but I love the dancing part in the cars as that is where the technology really shines.

For RoTR I loved the ride but it did seem to go by so quickly and I'm not a fan of using screens on rides but luckily that portion is very short. Overall I think this ride works and will be really good for re-rides as I have a feeling it is a ride that I will find something new on each time I ride. Can't wait to go on it again on my next visit.

Overall I love the technology but it does have a ways to go. And as an aside I have been on Ratatouille at Disneyland Paris and it was definitely not as good as MMRR or Mystic Manor. I was really not impressed at all. Thankfully I had a fastpass for that ride so I didn't have to wait too long.


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I get where you’re coming from with MMRR being underwhelming, but RotR?? I was blown away by it the first time I rode.

Have to remember that some people have only been on it while skipping the preshows and with some of the effects not working.

Skipping the preshows would significantly lessen the experience.


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I absolutely loved RoTR. I even did a spontaneous February trip and flew down just to ride it. RoTR was worth all the effort. Sad I only got to ride it once but I couldn't wake up before 6am two times in a row. Especially now with covid shutting down DLR, makes the one ride even more special.

I am more of a thrill-seeker and this ride gave me that thrill rush I feel riding Transformers but with actual sets. Checked off all my boxes. I was even scared of Kylo while riding, something that couldn't happen on any of the three films as I've always seen him as a bratty teenager.

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I also like to point out that some rides the freefall makes my stomach tickle, some rides I do not feel it. I have ridden it 5 times now. I don't know, I think it depends on what escape pod you are in. I have escaped through all 4 "pods".


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I think that's a fundamental flaw. Escape from Gringotts has this same issue as well. The experience is very much lessened by the lack of preshow.

I'm curious, who has skipped the pre-show for RotR? Even the DAS/recovery people meet a merge point that's before all of that begins. Why are some people being escorted right to the ride vehicles?


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nah star tours (at least since the update) makes no sense. its not cohesive. one minute Im in a clone wars space battle and the next Im with the first order? Who ever thought mixing these video clips together.... didnt have their coffee for the day.
See, I don't really care about any of that. I don't sit there thinking about canon, first order, blah blah blah. Its a fun ride. Plain and simple.


I only rode Rise, first week of February. While I was impressed by the immersiveness of the experience, I had been hoping for a physical thrill . I’ll just take Space Mountain, Big Thunder and RnRC, thank you.
Not that I don’t like a nice relaxing dark ride, mind you. I guess I just expected a thrill on Rise due to the hype.

also, if the story is good, we shouldn’t be noticing the details like whether Kylo’s AA casts a shadow. As another example, I thought Navi River Journey was terrible due to poor story. It looked like a lot of people had worked very hard for a very long time to get the details just right, but they lost the forest for the trees.

Hopefully, we can make it down to FlorIda in another ten years (about how long it’s been for us between trips).

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I found Rise very underwhelming the first time I rode it but I think that was a result of it being built up so much my expectations were impossibly high. I’ve ridden it 3 times since and like it better every time. I had a similar reaction to PotC the first time I rode it, all my life I’d heard how it was the greatest theme park ride ever made and I got off feeling completely underwhelmed, now it’s one of my favorite rides. If you go in expecting a fantastic story based ride I think you’ll love Rise, if you go in expecting a ground breaking thrill ride you’ll likely be disappointed.

I’ve only had the chance to ride MMRR once and I enjoyed it, I‘m excited it’s coming to the west coast so I’ll have more chances to ride it.

We just got back a few weeks ago and it’s impressive that HS has gone from a park with very few rides to a park with a large collection of must do rides. RnRC, ToT, RofR, Falcoln, Slinky, MMRR, TSMM... once the shows come back it’s going to be tough to do it all in a day.

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