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Do you think we could see 1 day ticket prices at $200 bucks before long?


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So if I'm reading correctly with this new increase one day admission runs from about 115.00- 150.00 depending on the time of year you go. lol, I remember the freaky melt down when tickets hit 100.00 bucks.

Anyway just considering the one day ticket because we know the more days you go the lower the price each day averages out to, do you think by the 50th anniversary celebration kicks in, we'll start seeing the prices creep up to 200 bucks a ticket?

Do you think that would kill the proverbial goose that laid the golden egg?


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I know we all expect the same comments we always see but: we can’t have everyone whine about how Disney is crowded and no longer has an off season and NOT expect Disney to raise their prices. I don’t think it’ll hit 200$ prior to the 50th. It’ll be after 2021. But yes, I do think it will.


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I don't think that WDW goes above $129. And it doesn't really matter, everybody is in the park on a 3+day ticket or an AP pass anyway. I doubt many people are in on a one day ticket.


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Time to let price address demand. The resort is overcrowded. But it won't happen cuz, overpriced food and beverages and Chinese trinkets.


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The resort is not overcrowded year-round. It's overcrowded sometimes. And that's exactly what they're addressing with seasonal pricing.
As someone who lives here and visits often, the times it isn't overcrowded are few and far between. Save late August - early Sept perhaps, enjoying those days is like catching lightning in a bottle.


Count me in on the unpopular opinion that price needs to catch up to demand. If you’re concerned about people being left out, I’m all for having a few discounted weeks when you can pay less if you don’t mind the insane crowd. Otherwise, I’m actually in favor of raising prices across the board.


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IMHO $200 for a minimum entry fee in the off season is just a matter of time given that there is inflation, the labor pool in Orlando is not infinite, and the competition isn't sitting on thier collective rumps.
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