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Do you still buy Disney movies?

Christian Fronckowiak

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In the Parks
Just wondering whether or not people still buy Disney movies as the conversion to 4K coincides with the arrival of Disney+ in the modern streaming era. Your thoughts?

John park hopper

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No--- when my kids were little we bought Disney movies have a bunch(25) on VHS tapes and still have a player. When the granddaughters are here we watch them. Old technology still works.


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Nope, I get my Disney movies from Amazon Prime and they are stored my electronic devices. All I have to do is put in my password and e-mail and up comes my video library to watch.


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I buy them digitally now. No need to dust. Lol! Still have all my Disney old school VHS, I have over 1000 dvds at last count, but so much easier to buy on line rather than have to pop an actual disc in. My son has taken a few hundred of the dvds, hoping he takes the rest when he gets a bigger house.

General Mayhem

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The last time I bought a Disney film was Zootopia in 2016. I already have almost all of the films I love on Blu-ray, and they haven't made a decent film since 2016 so no, I don't buy Disney films anymore.
I have also jumped into the digital world when it comes to movies. I also have many DVDS and I do pull them out from time to time as I also have a DVD player, but I feel it way more convenient the digital way.


My parents have a ton of Disney DVDs and me and my little brother and little sister watch them all the time. My family also have one day on the weekend a family Disney Movie night. It is so much fun with Popcorn, Candy, and Pizza.

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