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News Disney World's Magic Kingdom is experiencing widescale attraction closures this morning due to a bear


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I've seen turkeys along Western Way. Also bunnies and deer (a real one one the opposite side of the tracks on the back side of MK, not a plastic one you would see on the right).

We seen bunnies doing what bunnies do to make more bunnies.

some other guy

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don't forget the snowbirds
man-eating cougars!

but yeah I remember back when I used to go to WDW a lot in the 90s and early 00s the rabbits were especially prolific around MK and the monorail resorts, like I remember often seeing three or four going from the monorail to the front gate hanging around the shrubs most times if there was a line enough to have to wait


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Glad it all ended okay for both the bear and the people involved.

I feel bad for the tourists who's day was potentially ruined by this. Disney should have jumped into high gear proatively working to make things right first thing - maybe they did, hopefully they did (we haven't heard anything to suggest they didn't, right?) but regardless, I'm glad this ended with some bad bear jokes and a safely relocated animal.


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As a city gal that's never seen a real bear, that would be real cool for me. I didn't even know Florida HAD bears
You need to spend more time on US 27.

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