News Disney World theme park tickets increase in price for 2025


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so glad Bob came back and recognized the out of control pricing and is fixing things
It's the only lever they could pull to maintain the appearance of not being in a death spiral.

The only shocking thing is that it is not an immediate increase as has been historically. Which tells me they are massively worried for the rest of 2024.


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Looks like the low end is about double inflation and the top end is basically in line with inflation.
Is this the new schtick? “Inline with inflation”

So run your numbers based on 2019….And then compare the price of all home expenses and borrowing costs to then as well…

You’re gonna be the last to realize why attendance is falling…at this rate


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...which tells me they are massively worried for the rest of 2024.
Room-only and package bookings and down and the trendline is bad.

Their ways to "juice" gate clicks from offsite guests to offset onsite declines are limited, and they've nearly exhausted the ways that are least-disruptive to the bottom line.

I expect some more meaningful "enhancements" for onsite stays via promotions to come soon. Summer is calling.

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