News Disney World Earmarks 80 Acres for Affordable Housing


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On the other hand if rent goes any higher cast members won't be able to afford to work at Disney in any capacity, even with roommates.

Eventually they'll run out of space. But right now we need all the housing we can get. I'm glad Disney's actually making an effort here, even if it may be in their own self-interest.
Some have to be creative and sacrifice if willing to. Speaking of that, I know 6 nurses working different shifts share a 1 bedroom apt , hot racking the mattress and even still managed to western union a good amount of their earnings monthly back to their families in their homeland.

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Are these rentals or for sale? Hopefully rentals.

We need more affordable housing but buying them is kind of a catch 22, you can’t resell it at market value so you kind of get caught in a poverty cycle where you can’t accumulate real estate wealth like you would with a normal home.

The more affordable rentals the better though.


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Work full time hours (40+) and still qualify for low income housing while executives make record high bonuses should be criminal.
A waiter who works approx 32 hours a week, makes six figures still manages to live in affordable housing with his family near my town since the guy doesn't declare all of his actual income. Some will take advantage of the system.


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I havent looked at a land ownership map in a while, i wasnt sure what land Disney owned out that way.



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Glad to see this finally happening, unfortunately it likely won’t be finished quick enough to heal some of the wounds caused by the current market. Hopefully this will include measures like free transit to the parks (ala CP Transit).
If that is the case nothing is free. It may be incorporated in the monthly rent.

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