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News Disney World Cast Member unions to begin week of negotiations for wage increases, healthcare costs and more


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Here is Disney's statement on the ongoing contract negotiations -

“We have presented a strong and meaningful offer that far outpaces Florida minimum wage by at least $5 an hour and immediately takes starting wages for certain roles including bus drivers, housekeepers and culinary up to a minimum of $20 an hour while providing a path to $20 for all other full-time, non-tipped STCU roles during the contract term,” spokeswoman Andrea Finger said in a statement Wednesday

Katie Rice with the Orlando Sentinel added -

"Under this proposal, Disney said 25% of non-tipped employees would earn $20 an hour within the contract’s first year. The company has also proposed other benefits during recent bargaining, like eight weeks of paid child-bonding time for full-time employees with at least a year of service and an additional 401K option."


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