Disney to make daily announcements about new park offerings - 12 Days of Disney Parks Christmas

I wonder if they are making the newer models like this so they can do their projection mapping on them later. Kinda like they did for Disney Springs modeling. Just a guess. that or they are getting lazy. LOL

This is actually a pretty standard architectural model. White models are a necessary step in the design process for architectural projects, and are usually made before the final presentation model. Disney always releases photos of presentation models. I am pretty surprised they released photos of a working architectural white model. Rumor has it that WDI is trying to complete Pixar Pier on a tight budget to combat their reputation of hemorrhaging money on the design process, so a lack of a final presentation model may be a result of that.


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I wish one of the announcements would reveal the name of the new theater at MK with more concept art such as the interior and the stage. Guess we will have to wait until sometime next year.


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Yay! Er... (looks at concept art) ...It's a neat looking toy store.

Sigh... The Incredicoaster video was better than this. 2 / 5 stars.

EDIT : I see additional good stuff from GalacticNights at bioreconstruct's twitter feed.

I'll change to 3 / 5 stars.

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