Disney to make daily announcements about new park offerings - 12 Days of Disney Parks Christmas


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I, for one, am not terribly excited about this. Nothing of substance or value. Or, the status quo for Disney these days. :(

BTW - I throw up a little in my mouth every time I read/hear "Disney Parks", and this one was definitely no exception. :in pain:


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Some possibilities during this time:
  • Posting the Caribbean Beach concept art that's currently up in the gallery at the resort.
  • Names for the Star Wars attractions
  • New Name for Disney Hollywood Studios (I'm guessing that's less likely)
  • Details on the UK attraction
  • Coco overlay in Mexico announcement
  • Details on the Guardians ride
  • Marvel announcement for DCA
  • Names of new Disney cruise line ships
  • Aulani expansion


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Would they have the gumption to announce the Epcot hotel as we know about it already? Or maybe not, since the clickbait sites haven’t caught on yet? Hall of Presidents? Other than that, I predict maybe a couple of pieces of concept art from Runaway Railway, GOTG, and Star Wars, and the rest are dessert parties.

Here’s hoping for pleasant surprises!


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sounds good, though I'm confused about the 12 days they chose, the 5th to the 16th? Call me a traditionalist, but those dates are not what I'd expect.


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I just got an inside tip on Day 1

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