Disney Survey on implementing a $15 resort fee


Sorry about my dumb question, but with the constant updates I cant keep up. Was the $15 resort fee ever confirmed or was it just a survey?


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That was under a completely different antitrust regime, Disney's biggest competition is NBCU/Comcast, If Disney were to gain effective control of say TWC it would become an even more dominant media powerhouse as it would then be the second largest cable provider company with direct control of digital distribution channels (Brighthouse) as well as owning the internet pipe to about 35% of US households.
Comcast can keep the cable and its internet access. What they can't do is keep Disney from offering an internet based subscription service to every Comcast Customer and bypass Comcast's money grab. If anyone here doubts that the advertising revenue Comcast gets from its subscribers is much more than what they pay Disney they don't understand the Cable Television Industry. Comcast sells advertising on every channel they pay Disney for. However, based on the new FCC rules internet is now subject to FCC regulation and they can't discriminate. Thus when the time is right, Disney and others will drop their cable offerings and sell it directly to the end consumer. The one big step that is needed is for smart computer programmers to figure out how to personalize advertising so that they can sell specific adds to specific customers. When they can do that, they will be able to make a fortune just giving away its programming and have the advertisers pay. The real money as always is the case is content and distribution will take care of itself.

As for Comcast, they better worry about Universal and their movie business. They are getting killed this year. Disney and Fox are over 128% above last year while Universal/NBC are behind last years numbers. Disney will blow past their 2015 numbers and could hit 3 billion in North America. Disney would be crazy to buy Time Warner Cable, they could but Time Warner instead and gain more content and CNN which would set them up to completely bypass the cable bundle.

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