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'Disney Springs' - Downtown Disney expansion officially announced


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Looks like a fun place to hang out. I agree that the name sucks but if it delivers and is a hit, then the name will grow on you. Since Florida is the theme here, I'd love to see a controlled alligator moat in there somewhere with all that water available.


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As long as the Earl remains, the LEGO Store sticks around, and we get a new, fun bar/pub out of the deal, I'm on board. Loving the look, it's giving cohesion to something that was always more than a little fractured thematically.

Master Yoda

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So 2016 means that it would be 8 years since the closure of the Pleasure Island night clubs. 8 years to redevelop a shopping area. 8 years.

I just can't get over that.
Let us not forget that the worst recession since the great depression was going on for more than half of that 8 years. Had that not happened PI would have been filled inside of a year.

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