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Disney ringtones!


Well-Known Member
I would like to get the music from 2:42 to 3:17 in this track played in future world at Epcot as a ringtone but I do not know how :( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=doGRqUVUzIM
When I hear that clip (through the end), then I know I am IN WDW =) I have lots of favorite music from Epcot (and WDW in general of course) but that just might be my very favorite.
You can download the whole loop of music from mousebits.com and then edit down the part you want at http://www.myxer.com/ and they will send the clip to your phone for free.


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I use 3 rings on mine:
Davey Jones Music Box
Hes a pirate tiesto mix
and hes a pirate from the soundtrack....and Potter Waltz when I am obsessing over Harry Potter....LOL!


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is anyone having any problems with myxer?? I get the message to my phone, but when I go to download the ring tone it just keeps telling me that page is unavailable


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When Love calls, it plays "There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow." For Love's brother, it plays, "Yo Ho, A Pirates Life for Me" because he's a huge PotC fan.
Beautiful Tomorrow is my ring back tone and I have Pirates and Star Wars music on my phone too.
I have the music from Indiana Jones Ride for my stepfather's ring
Electrical Light parade for my mom's ring
Yo Ho for unknown caller
Captain Jack Sparrow talking for DH
The Chihuahua song for work ( I'm a dog groomer)
And the knewest one is the Dobi from Up squeaking out Squirrel for my text


New Member
My text alert message is Jack Sparrow...."Elizabeth, hide the rum....you know these clothes do not flatter you at all, it should be a dress or nothing, I happen to have no dress in my cabin. " I hear it a few dozen times a day.

I have also had "Welcome foolish mortals".........

And last but certainly not least....the chorus to "you can fly".:cool:

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