Disney plans to build a massive dynamic art installation on International Drive


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Here's the annoucement on the DPB.

"Adding a little pixie dust is just what we do, so expect to see some extra magic soon when a new larger-than-life outdoor art display along the popular I-4/International Drive corridor in Orlando animates to showcase some of your favorite Disney characters and attractions in a whole new way.

Get ready to experience Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and other Fab 50 golden sculpts as they come to life in an impressive ribbon-like Disney art display that enwraps the outside of the Hollywood Plaza garage. And that’s only the beginning! The dynamic art display will feature additional Disney characters, celebrations and more over time.

Screen Shot 2022-05-20 at 11.05.08 AM.png

“We took a lot of knowledge from setting up the 50th art installations in our parks and the Orlando International Airport and wanted to spread a little of that magic out into the world,” Will Gay, design director with Disney’s Yellow Shoes Creative Group, said. “It all started with a little idea and a question – could we do this? Could we turn this into a dynamic art display bigger than anything we’ve ever done before?”

When you come inside the building, you’ll find a new Walt Disney World Store that combines merchandise, ticket sales and the first-ever interactive Disney Vacation Club Virtual Discovery Station. Opening May 31, this one-stop will give visitors to Central Florida a convenient way to purchase commemorative souvenirs, park tickets and explore Disney Vacation Club membership.

With floor-to-ceiling screens, The Disney Vacation Club Virtual Discovery Station can transport guests to our theme parks, resorts and cruise destinations around the world via first-person virtual tours, photo galleries and videos."

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And seriously, with throngs of people trying to get into the parks, do they need another advertisement? Does anyone driving down International Drive all of the sudden realize Disney is there?
A total vanity project and waste of money. Especially when budgets for actual improvements, employee wage increases, and attractions are being slashed this is the LAST thing they need to waste 100k plus on....
Since you have to book a bathroom stall a month in advance…no one is ever going to drive past that and say “hey…that looks like fun…we should go!”

It’s just PR/ego stroking

The timing is convenient. A reminder to Florida: hey, remember us? We were here before 90% of you were


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It seems under Chapek and D'Amaro Disney is very much into expanding beyond the berm. They have been down this avenue before, will be interesting to see if it works this time.
I think their goal is to invest as little as humanly possible while trying to sell the opposite. Ride and employees cost money. Fancy led billboards not so much.

Sorry…”art”…it’s for the children 😎


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Jokes aside, I think its a smart move. There will be an increase in Universal-only trips and this will allow them to market to those guests.
Agreed. With EPIC Universe coming maybe they are trying to get ahead with some marketing. EPIC Universe will be my first return to Universal parks since the early 90's so maybe this is part of that effort, although it may be gone before the park opens.

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Art installation? Goodness. I'm all for creative wordsmithing, but that's PR speak to a new level to describe an electronic billboard.

I guess "Disney" has heard of real art installations built by artist conglomerates like Meow Wolf, and is trying to exploit that without actually investing the time, talent and money to actually build the equivalent. Surprise!

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