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News Disney mask policy at Walt Disney World theme parks


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I guess you will be wearing masks off and on for awhile.

IMO since masks are back lifting then should be tied to vacination percentage.
But not everyone will get jabbed so there will still be a risk. I think we should all mask maybe even double mask forever just to be safe. 👀🤦‍♂️
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Mask mandates don't help to much because folks who think masks/vaccines are stupid are usually the folks not vaccinated and go buy the "fake" masks that are just the fabric edges and nothing in the middle. To stick it to the man. Every person who is not vaccinated and refuses to mask up is the reason vaccinated folks need to mask up again. It is becoming so frustrating.

Disney can't bar unvaccinated people.. and if the folks listened in the first place and masked up if you are not vaccinated
, Florida would not be in this mess.. but nope they lift mandates for vaccinated people and everyone was like "finally freedom"... Smh..


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I would agree Walter 41k is to much to pay don’t you think 😀

I get what your saying in a way your right.

Look I haven’t been able to say in my head
“Disney is doing something positive here” in a long time

If you reflect on it, can you admit that just maybe your desire to point out my Hypocrisy is fueled in part by your current dislike for the parks, that has nothing at all to do with Covid ?
I’m just messing with you…mostly.

actually…we went in April and it was very enjoyable to me…but that won’t last as they fill them and don’t manage their crowds.

my point is this: no sense declaring you’re not going/canceling…because really no one here is gonna back that up UNLESS you’ve been priced out. Or you wouldn’t be here. It’s a Disney site.

just don’t do anything stupid like buy “after hours”…it’s that kinda thing that’s causing the pucks to suck more and more. If feeds the beast we spend far too much time complaining about.

have fun
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Of course. The fact that I no longer work in an office certainly helps. But I used to have a cold at least once a month. It's been over a year since I've had one, and our mask mandates came down a while ago and I don't live like a hermit. So I believe that yes the masks are helping.

The masks have other benefits for me personally. During the height of allergy season they're helpful to wear outside to not breathe in all the junk. I have asthma that's triggered by cold weather, and I find having it on helps. I'm sure I look ridiculous shoveling snow with a mask on, but it's the only way I can do it without wheezing.
You were not the only one who wasn't working in the office though.
The bulk of the entire population of the country wasn't in the office, on public transportation, at weddings, funerals, birthdays, graduations, proms, school, concerts, plays, museums, sports events, religious services, beaches, parks...


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Why yes, I currently DO double mask. Excellent suggestion!
Don't know why but I thought of Lord of the Rings. Lack of caffiene lol.

Father Robinson

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The science has shifted as it tends to based on new data
The science hasn't shifted. The science has always said that variants could pose a threat to the vaccine effects and make Covid much easier to spread. What HAS shifted, is now it's actually happening and the unfortunate result is cases are rising again (hence the need to wear masks again to try to slow it down).

The science has always been extremely clear, but certain people have politicized it, ignored it and defied it. Now we're in this situation.


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Many still go. Hopefully all will wear a mask.
After waiting 1 1/2 years to go back after everyone except the kids in my family were vaccinated it appears that my bad luck has held. I guess we couldn’t have picked a worse time.

We made these reservations about 6 months ago and are in a use or lose situation with points.

We’ll mask indoors and out too if we’re in a crowd. No indoor dining.

Hopefully as we’re bathed in virus our immunity will protect us from any serious consequences.

We’ll quarantine and get tested when we get home.

I hope these don’t end up being my famous last words.

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