Disney Holidays at Home


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Congrats on the good deal!


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DW and I are starting to prep the house for our own Disney holidays at home. She bought a great animated Goofy at a yard sale yesterday for $5. After searching on Ebay, here's what we found: http://cgi.ebay.com/GOOFY-Animated-...097?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3a5f620b41

A great way to save tons of money. More $$ to buy holiday items during our upcoming trip the week after Thanksgiving.

I actually have one of those animated disney characters but it's Mickey! All decked out like santa holding a candy cane - about 24 inches tall....and moves. I'm sure at some point there was music but not sure? Anyways a girl at work gave it to me because I'm such a Disney fanatic and it's one of the most special items in my collection!

Congrats on YOUR great deal!:wave:


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We have a whole collection of those animated figures like the one you bought. We have Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pooh and Tigger (actually 2 different versions of each) and one of the dogs from 101 Dalmatians. They sold them in the early - mid 1990s at the Disney Store.


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Saw this topic and it's getting me excited for what I'm planning on doing this year for Christmas! I always do a set-up under our Christmas tree every year and this year will be spectacular! Here is a thread I made from last year's display. Some of you may remember it:


This year, I bought the Contemporary Resort model for my monorail, plus I'm adding some more characters to the mix. Looking to be a great year! I LOVE mix-matching Disney with Christmas....simply the best!


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I love it! We have a our large "elegant" tree and it's pure Disney. My parents have a dated glass ball from each year they have been together - almost 36! They are all Disney ornaments. Our other tree is our tree that's my brother & I's. It has all the ornaments we made and an orament for each of us for each year of our age. Naturally most of them are Disney .. as well as a Tink tree topper. Can't wait!


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hmmmmm- I've been thinking about reworking my own personal light spectacle. It's currently lots of deer feeding on green lights, but maybe a switch to a slew of Disney figures is the way to go. We have some Disney ornaments on the tree, but that's a whole different story- those have to fit in with my Lenox collection. Either way- thanks for the yard decor inspiration!:xmas:


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As far as new characters for this year, I'm planning on adding the three fairies from Sleeping Beauty and Tinkerbell to my display since I now have appropriately sized figures to do so. Who doesn't love decorating their homes mixing them with Disney for Christmas?!?!? :)

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