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So, I'm extremely interested in Disney glitched and evacuations, so I have to ask, what malfunctions/evacuations have you guys experienced? Here are some of mine. (They aren't ground breaking.)

Journey Into Imagination with Figment
* One of the screens in the opening scene is turned off.
* One of the screens has a yellow-ish color.


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Here's a cool one. Both recent times we rode haunted mansion it broke down for a brief time at madame leota. Since she's my mom's favorite animatronic, she was quite happy to say the least. Here's another break down that happened when I was much younger, one time while riding buzz lightyear it broke down twice during one ride through. Must've been a rough day for buzz.


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There’s sequence in Mr. Potato Head’s act, I believe the line is “lend me your ears”, so he reaches up and removes his right ear. Well anyway, when we were there, it slipped out of his hand and fell on the floor!
That happens often.
• Yeti at Expedition Everest not moving (I know, I know *Dodges brick*
• Br'er Fox freezing right b4 big drop on Splash
• Riding BTMRR with the cave lights on @ full brightness
Rest in peace B'rer Fox.


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Wow!! Did it ruin the whole Space Mountain experience or was it awesome in its own right?
Honestly, it scared me to death! You don't fully realize how close the tracks are, or how high up everything is until the lights are on. I still love it, but I definitely get a little more scared while on it, which, now that I think about it, might be a good thing haha!


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To this day, SSE still has a colour watermark on the black and white cinema projection screen.

Mission: Breakout having a projector alignment screen projected onto the load / unload vestibule walk.

Riding ToT lights on was fun. That was intentional. Riding half of SSE and all of Gran Fiesta under unplanned work lights was a surprise.
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On our last trip, we were on Buzz in the space tunnel near the end when the ride stopped moving. After several rounds of "sit tight" / "the ride will be moving immediately", the show effects went off, the work lights went on, and some safety rails popped up. It was pretty neat to see what that portion of the ride looked like without the show effects, and how the effects completely change your perception of the area.

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Our best one was when we rode Tower of Terror way back in the first couple months after it opened. We got to the top and the door opened. Then we lowered-a little. Stopped, sat (the doors closed), and then a voice came on the loud-speaker telling us that the ride had malfunctioned. All of us sat there, unsure of whether this was truly a malfunction or all part of the ride (no one with us had ridden it before-it was new). Our car was slowly lowered to the ground level, we were walked by a CM through a backstage area and immediately sent to ride it again. You know, that's the last time we rode it-we've been too afraid to try again!
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