Disney Genie and Genie+ at Walt Disney World


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So $15 per ticket for unlimited? I was expecting worse.
I wouldn't exactly say unlimited. Genie+ is scheduled access. Kind of like if you picked a fourth FP+ late in the day you wouldn't be able to get a fifth by the time you rode your fourth.


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So you pay $15/day to make one FP at a time for tier 2 rides. No tier 1 rides are included in this $15/day. To ride tier 1, you rope drop, wait in standby or pay an extra fee for a FP?
I believe so
So on-site guests who pay up can wake up at 7 to schedule their first Lightening Lane and off-site need to wait until park open per Scott Gusin:

I believe so


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They just nuked the benefit of VIP tours. Unless they get to skip to the front of the lightning lane, those lanes are going to be long. Maxpass works well because they cap them small and you can jump between parks/there is more to do. If you're limited to your single park reservation then the LL spots for the day will be gone by hour two.

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