Disney After Hours BOO BASH


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After being on hold for an hour and 45 min I finally got a CM. I gave her our reservation number and she said DVC reservations have to be verified by DVC and transferred me...! 😥

Kids are going to home from school soon and they don’t know about the trip...

Hope you all are having better luck!
That's garbage. If linked on MDE a reservation is a reservation. Now to get the discount they might make you go to MS.


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There’s no way it runs that fast


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But they can’t stay up that late. Little kids would have more fun at events at home.

Yeah, they have a Boo Bash offered a night my wife will be there with some of her mom friends and everyone's kids (so 4 moms and 9 kids total) and the decided that it is too late for the kids so they will pass (kids are aged like 5 to 12)

Good news is with the even being after hours and MK not closing as early as it does for MNSSHP they don't have to rearrange their schedule, so overall they are ok with things


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Plain and simple, supporting this event is essentially demonstrating to Disney that Boo To You is no longer necessary. Goodbye parade and fireworks. At this point, who’s to say they’ll go back to Not So Scary? The only thing we know is that we don’t know anything. Double the price of the party, do fewer nights, save on staffing. Bingo.

Maybe .... But not like both are being offered and more people are picking this. I think people are just happy to have anything holiday related back for this year ....

... We'll see how feedback is and then that will play a roll in what they do next year. I do see a lot of people disappointed there is no MNSSHP (some are doing this anyway but many are not) and there are much fewer tickets to sell for this than MNSSHP ...

... Maybe they will find some people prefer Boo Bash and others don't and next year they do both


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I REALLY hope this event is worth it (and it doesn’t rain on your day) for those who worked so hard to buy tickets to this magical event

I think it will be for us. We are ride people and basically just want to be in MK late, with Halloween atmosphere. Plus my older brother is coming with us, he's a blast and is waaaay more excited about this than anyone should be. 😂


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I made sure to rate my call experience as a 1 however I rated my Cm 5 out of 5. It’s ok that I wasted 2 hours because I’m so happy and excited! Let’s go!

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