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Hi everyone!:kiss:

I would like feedback from anyone who has ridden on the dino ride.. What is the deal with the last dino who makes a lunge to eat you...

My wife tells me when she rode it..She covered her ears because that is how loud and close it was to her..Sorry, that is too creepy if you ask me..

I can understand the Darkness part and the 4 Dinos but I would be scared you know what if it actually what 2 or 5 feet away from..

Please no insults or put downs, I cannot ride due to back issues.. i heard kids either screaming or regreting getting on the ride by the exit.. I was quite funny looking at the pictures on the Monitor..

Can you imagine someone like Mr. Bean on this ride it would be hysterical to watch even seeing adults with their hair in a standing up position like Mr. Giggles from the Flinstones..

Appreciate your feedback..:D



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Since I went into the ride experience knowing the dinosaurs are not real, it really didn't bother me. It's a great effect and the detail is truly amazing throughout the entire ride. Unfortunately, it is very jerky and potentially painful for someone with back or neck problems. I managed to get onto the ride with a large hot tea in a small merchandise bag that I had to constantly keep my eye on, but I didn't spill it.

(Yes, I know going on the ride with hot tea was a bad idea but I had just bought the tea, and anyone who is familiar knows it is hot as hades and takes forever to cool and it's quite expensive to toss when you want to go on a ride---sooo that's how that all started)

What was the question? The deal with the large dino? Guess it is a grand finale to have the ride go out with a bang. To me it is similar to the finale in the Mummy ride except that is a coaster and this is a dark ride.

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Is that what it's called? :confused: You know, if it was at EPCOT I'd surely know. :lol:
That is what it was called. It was originally called countdown to extinction and was later renamed to Dinosaur.

To the OP. The end of the ride is a bit intense to say the least. It is a thrill ride with loud noises, shaking etc and it these conditions are well spelled out in the warnings. The thing is most people either do not read the warnings or choose to ignore them and IMHO have no room to complain when they do so. I do not know exactly how close the last dino gets but I seriously doubt that it is as close as 2'.


I've ridden this ride loads of times and I love it! Yes, it is very loud, especially that last scene and the first time I rode it...well, you should have seen the picture!!!

The dino is about 6-10 feet away in my opinion. It gives the illusion that it just appears out of the bushes and lunges at you just as you stop to take a breath. It has to be the best (and most deafening!) parts of the whole ride!!! People who sit on the right side of the car will get it more as that is where the dino appears.

Now I make sure I have my fingers in my ears before we reach that part!!!

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