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  • Yes, we did go on that ride and it's really neat, rough, but neat. The TRex looks like he is going to eat you. :)
    Glad I could help.

    A big fan of SSE, indeed. I like the new redo... the new scenes are fantastic, and I really don't get all the hatred toward the ending. Yeah, I miss the old "city of tomorrow" at the end, but I'm still very happy with how it turned out. Plus I've got the old finale music on my iPod, so I can just close my eyes and visualize fiberoptics sweeping over me as I descend. :lol:
    Hi, batulo128... I saw you were having image trouble (you posted a question on wdwmomof3's profile). Go to your UserCP (it's on the first blue bar near the top of this page). On the page that comes up, look on the left hand side under "Settings and options and pick "edit avatar." From there, you can upload the SSE pic and it'll show up alongside your posts. :)

    By the way... welcome to WDWMagic. :wave:
    No - SSE was refurbished after our last visit in August 06 - looking forward to seeing it this December
    You better not post in the font size AGAIN!

    Just kidding. We were all new to this site at one point.

    Don't be afraid on asking any questions. There are plenty of informative Disney fanatics on this site. Have fun! :wave:
    You might also want to avoid Space Mountain and Star Tours. Very jerky rides. Lots of others to choose from, though, that won't hurt you!
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