News D23 Expo 2022


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I mean please build all that. But don’t mention it unless you are gonna do it. You are gonna whip the fans up into a frenzy for something that may not happen. Kinda irresponsible if it’s truly just blue sky.


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In summary forget about all that stuff from 2019.

Instead be disappointed with this new stuff that mostly won’t have a snowballs chance in hell of coming to fruition.

But hey our surveys said you meat bags full of cash love meet and greets, baby yoda, and figment, so here have that and shut up.

Oh and we’re also raising prices.


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Maybe my Internet was glitchy or I was mishearing but the PATF narrative makes more coherent sense than the (waves hands) “plans” I just heard about.


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New fireworks show in 2023 - goodbye Enchantment! Will likely be something like HEA, and will reuse the anthem
Tron early Spring 2023
A new figment Meet and Greet
Goodbye Harmonious! Something new coming 2023
Two major projects. One behind BTMR either Coco, Encanto or Disney Villains. One in Dinoland either Zootopia or Moana.


There are rumors of a Villains attraction for Disneyland Paris "Hagrids style" ride for 2028 between Fantasyland and Discoverland. Wonder if this is related to the Villains concept at Magic Kingdom.

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