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Tickets go on sale January 20, 2022




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D23 Expo will make it easier than ever to blow all your cash with our brand-new sponsor: Visa!

Entrance fees, existence fees, baggage fees and tax not included.



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I'm very glad they've done away with the Sorcerers Pass. The problem was the preferred seating was tied into the early merch access. Very few people seemed to legitimately care about both, resulting in the Sorcerers seats being frequently half-empty.

I am actually interested in the Preferred Seating.


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D23 anounces Walt Disney’s plane will be restored and on display at the D23 Expo as part of an exhibit called Mickey Mouse One: Walt's Plane.

I'm really skeptical of the term, "restored" considering the interior of the plane was gutted long ago. I'd be more impressed if the plane was re-outfitted and airworthy. From what I can tell, it's been washed, not restored. That's about what you saw of the backlot tour.


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With these kinds of things and weekend conventions in general, that's usually the case. Just keep in mind, for that reason, it'll probably also be the most crowded day.
I have done Star Wars Celebration in 2017 and 2019 so I am used to how crazy they can get, especially on the weekend.

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