Countdown Ticker?


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Did this work :)


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Yay! got mine to work! Here is the correct equation... [countdown=yyyy/mm/dd]TRIP INFO[/countdown]Add other info
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This is a weird question...I am going to WDW in 425 days(May 4, 2019) my countdown says 396 days!? Why is that? 425 days is correct...I even printed out calendars so I could count back! LOL!


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Maybe I'm blind or just plain dumb...I can't find the editor toolbar or the clock icon...if it's the list of symbols above where I am posting, the clock icon is not there...any assistance would be appreciated!!


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Stupid question. Maybe yes, maybe no... Can you have more than one countdown running at at any given time? Reason I ask is we have two upcoming trips planned. Thanks for anyone's input.

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