Countdown Ticker?


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check your inbox

Doug Means

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testing, testing, this is a test of my countdown ticker. if this were an actual emergency your local station would give your more details.


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My ticker seems to be malfunctioning?

Here is what it looks like (I took the brackets at the beginning and end so the actual formula is visible).

COUNTDOWN=2017/05/06 15:00] Walt Disney World, Port Orleans-Riverside: [/COUNTDOWN

UPDATE: I left the thread and came back to it and it was working. When I posted a new post; however, it did not see the ticker, just the text. Perhaps it takes a minute to start working.
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[COUNTDOWN=201/05/06]POSTPONED BIRTHDAY TRIP: 3 Day WDW, Fort Wilderness Horseback Riding, Capone's, I Drive 360, Keys to the Kingdom[/COUNTDOWN]
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