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Could Disney face another hostile takeover attempt?


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A couple thoughts from this thread:

Today, February 12, one of NPR's news stories was 'China says no new Covid19 cases reported in the last day'. Hopefully meaning China is getting a handle on this.

On Disney's conference call, they mentioned Shanghai and HK parks down for two months and the company taking a 135 million hit for that. Not a huge amount in the scheme of things. Investors and analysts are usually forgiving if they know it's coming. Disney stock is almost a dollar today. My curiosity was how did they figure two months? I'm sure they have experts on the topic they consult for this info.

On takeovers, there are a handful of companies that could pull it off: Apple, Alphabet and Amazon. I highly doubt US regulators would let a foreign company takeover a US media/news organization (ABC), so no worries about Aramco or other wealthy Middle East companies doing so. And on the three A's: Apple, Alphabet and Amazon, Congress thinks they are too big already, every once in awhile you'll hear some Senator suggest they should be broken up. I don't think regulators would approve one of them making a play for Disney.

All that to say, I think Disney is in pretty good shape.
An Apple/Disney merger would never get approved in the current climate. Aren't apple and a lot of the tech companies dealing with an anti-trust probes atm?


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Plain and simple, when Comcast made an offer during the hostile bid to take over Disney, the Disney board said the offer was too low. Every company including Disney is up for sale at the right price.
im sure i read somewhere Walt and Roy considered selling out to General Electric in the 60s when big corps were buying up studio. Similarly I think Eisner explored a merger with Warner Bros before AOL bought them. Everything is for sale it just depends if you can afford the price
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