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Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion


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Because it's who I am and I have to find a positive - I found this read to be somewhat uplifting for those who chose vaccination - enjoy your Sunday evening!



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Because it's who I am and I have to find a positive - I found this read to be somewhat uplifting for those who chose vaccination - enjoy your Sunday evening!

Many of us who urged caution and questioned the speed with which restrictions were lifted were called "doom and gloomers" and ridiculed...even though we would have been happy to be wrong.


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I should have quoted one of your earlier comments, sorry. No one is celebrating that things are so bad in Florida though...I was explaining why some of us are frustrated.
The ones who think they are celebrating , have no disregard for themselves and or others are the ones who have "covid parties". Kudos to law enforcement I recall last year when they hear about these covid parties , actively address the situation. The ones having mask burning parties have a few screws loose in the heads also.

Tony the Tigger

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Yay, you win?
Not the point at all.

The point is to make folks think twice - folks who were so sure of themselves as they ridiculed those of us who were more realistic about seeing the same pattern in motion yet again - to show them how starkly wrong they were.

So maybe they’ll be less sure of themselves and be more receptive next time.

It is not being negative to acknowledge a train coming at you. It is stupid to not acknowledge it and not get out of the way. And being positive about it will not stop it.

Really sad to see multiple people celebrating hospitalizations going up. I can’t do this anymore. Stay safe people.

I don’t see one, let alone multiple. Come on. If you aren’t sure how to interpret what someone is saying, ask for clarification.


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No. Some people are pleased. Chaos, widespread anger and insecurity, floods of misinformation that seem to destroy even the possibility of finding the truth - a small but significant group that dislikes the status quo sees all that as a benefit.
The only people pleased are those pandering to anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers and who are dead set on furthering the divide in our country in the middle of a world-wide pandemic.

Dreaming of Disney World

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I'm really not trying to argue with you simply for the sake of arguing. You make frequent excellent points.
However, I think that the impact to the economy from people not doing certain things is less cut and dry than saying that if you aren't vacationing, eating out, going to bars, going to the movie theater, then you are withholding your money from the good people trying to earn a living in the service and hospitality industries. We have cancelled 5 trips since this all started, 3 of them would have been to Disney. I didn't just stick that money in the bank. We put in an inground pool, we had a pool house built, we re-landscaped our entire yard. We're not do it yourselfers, so we paid people to do these things. We're still doing our part to help the economy, just in different ways, and without swapping germs up and down the entire East Coast. We also rented a house for a week with a private beach in a quiet area. We don't go out to eat right now, but we do get meals delivered or do curb side pick up. We tip the drivers. We tip the restaurant staff. We don't go out for drinks, but we get alcohol delivered. Again, we tip the driver. No we haven't gone to the movies but we still stream paid content at home.
As far as gatherings at home, yes, it's been documented that people spread covid this way. But it can be done responsibly. Other than a few furniture deliveries and an issue needing a plumber, no one that I don't know well enough to believe they are vaccinated has entered our home. But we have had small indoor gatherings with people we trust, people who are like minded about covid precautions. We've had some nice outdoor gatherings as well and everyone is managing just fine with fewer hugs and handshakes.
It's about making adjustments, and in general I just feel like some people aren't doing enough. You can help the economy without being in a crowd and you can have a good time while choosing a somewhat less risky option.
The all or nothing attitude really bothers me.
We did the same thing. We cancelled our Disney trip this year and instead spent a week in NH doing outdoor activities. We put money into NH's economy by paying for our hotel, meals, and activities.

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