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Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

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15% of the population of BC, and 63% of new COVID cases.

Indeed - it is bad out there. This graph shows it best. I am in Fraser Health, the former leader of all Covid Cases in BC during the peaks. Now we are relatively low, and Interior is just... going off.



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I agree. But I am not sure now though...... I have a friend who is a manager of 12 hair salons and cannot hire anyone (or I should say the one's she had) because they say they are still afraid to come back or taking care of mom still. Being serious. Still on state unemployment and still receiving fed benefit. And cannot hire anyone even with bonuses.
Just saying, nothing surprises me with people anymore.
People have just gone through the worst times of their lives. People will not come back to work I believe until the end of the summer. They are taking this time to realize their worth to a employer . If anything the last year and a half has done is make people think about how they were being treated and what they believe they are worth. To think that the extra unemployment is the main reason no one is coming back is wrong. Is some people enjoying the money before they have to find something? Sure. But I believe, the main reason is people aren’t going to be treated like crap for 8 bucks a hour anymore. Not after them seeing they were considered “ front line workers”. Want employees? Pay more. My buddy with the sandwich shop had the same problem. Couldn’t get any help. He up the hourly salary by 2 bucks, offered bonus if the stated 3 months.. then 6 months. Filled the spots in a week and a half.
People will get a job if they feel they are being treated right and with respect. After the last year, I think companies need to up their game.
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Parker in NYC

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the American definition is pretty similar to the UK definition, but like I said, we are so used to seeing mass death after seeing a mass casualty event that I think the words get conflated.
Tell me about it.



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What does “casualty” mean to you? The definitions I’m seeing in American dictionaries are consistent with my British understanding of the term, except that we also use it to refer to ER (though A&E, short for Accident and Emergency, is more common).
When about people it is more often a death. Though it can be used more broadlyike a casualty of covid referring to some policy changes that occurred because of it. Casualty I've seen in insurance to be broad as well. So when I first read I hoped it was the broader sense since they stated cause of removal or how the patient was doing was not known.

Virtual Toad

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I'm not vouching for the accuracy of these projections:

"Statewide, the Mayo Clinic forecast tool said Florida will be reporting a seven-day rolling average of 49,398 cases of COVID-19 per day by August 9, a 132% increase from the current numbers."

If this is anything close to accurate, this may be the worst wave of the entire pandemic for Florida. And while hospitalization and death rates would likely be much lower than in the past, they are already dealing with a hospitalization rate akin to some of the past waves. With only 48% of the state fully vaxed, there could still be significant hospitalization and death.

I'm crossing my fingers that this projection is overly pessimistic.
We live smack dab in the middle of the areas the report is taking about. And with only days to go before school... complete silence from school officials (or just about anyone for that matter) and no guidance or restrictions in sight.

Think about it folks... 83, 000 CASES PER DAY in a state where only months ago 10k per day was seen as absolutely catastrophic. I too hope the projection is way off. But we are in the middle of an inferno and the powers that be here have essentially ordered the fire department NOT to intervene.


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Indeed - it is bad out there. This graph shows it best. I am in Fraser Health, the former leader of all Covid Cases in BC during the peaks. Now we are relatively low, and Interior is just... going off.

View attachment 575290
This is exactly what we saw in the uk - starting in our north west in local areas such as blackburn and bolton then spreading outwards in time. Then heading to the Midlands and north east The north east got it badly mainly due to them not being hit as hard in previous waves.

The one constant thing was that on our covid dashboard and in papers we hade maps of number of cases and then a map with vaccination figures. The negative correlation between vaccinations and cases was stark - you could literally see ans predict where covid was going to explode next! This was true even in my town and my local ward (of 5000 people) - there are low vaccination figures here due to demographics and guess where cases exploded round here….

Vaccination may not stop spread but it really does blooming slow it down!

One positive is that it does seem to rip through, not leave as much destruction as previous waves and then burn itself out so much quicker

ps our symptom app tracker has given us the four main symptoms of vaccinated covid - headache, stuffy nose, sore throat and especially sneezing! Yea sneezing seems a unique symptom when - vaccinated! - loss of smell and a cough well down the pecking order for symptoms


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Indeed - it is bad out there. This graph shows it best. I am in Fraser Health, the former leader of all Covid Cases in BC during the peaks. Now we are relatively low, and Interior is just... going off.

I can say skytrains between Surrey and Vancouver still have 80%+ mask usage .. I am positively surprised here.

At least during rush hour, haven't used public transit much after these .. cloud be a free for all.

And as soon as the mask mandate was lifted July 1st, I have seen transit police again. I guess they went to hiding when the whole thing started.

I am looking more pessimistic towards our late September WDW vacation now, so far we have only put our deposit in (and rebooked the flights)


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It seems this is what the counties will do here in Florida. Any town property masks must be worn. Since the town owns those properties they are allowed to do that.

All other places of business its recommendation only.

Disney Experience

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I was picking up a prescription at a CVS near my house earlier today and all of the COVID vaccination waiting chairs were full. I haven't seen that in a while.
The cvs nearby has a drive theough . Two lanes for drive through only the inner one can be used for covid testing ( But it can be used for regular Rx too).

There was a super long line of cars for that one( never seen it like that.) The other lane was empty. Seems a lot of testing is going on.

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