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Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

Thanks for the puppy pictures!

Have there been many people who need to miss work the day after the first shot of an mRNA vaccine? Everybody who I know that had anything more than a sore arm, the other symptoms were all after shot #2.
I made sure to schedule my 2nd Moderna shot for a Friday evening, since I don't work weekends, just in case. And I'm glad I did! My first shot was fine--sore arm and slight headache. But on the afternoon after my 2nd one, I got hit with the full side-effects package: nausea, chills, and a fever of 103 degrees! Temp finally went down to a manageable 100 later that night, and by the next morning it was normal, though I still felt lethargic and kind of icky all day. And to my knowledge I have not had covid. The general consensus among the friends and other people I talked to was that the 2nd dose made almost all of them feel sick to some degree, though not as sick as I was. (Except for my brother and his girlfriend; they didn't have any negative reactions at all) But the effects were generally short-lived, and we're all glad to have gotten fully-vaccinated!
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The poor Greeks. What did they do to have the world use their alphabet?;););) Too bad they didn’t decided to use the Hawaiian alphabet or we’d be almost done with Covid mutations :)
The only lambda I care about:


Black Mesa would know how to handle this virus.


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Maybe, but the poster was specifically asking about WDW and the person answering mentioned a vaccination requirement to enter the parks.
Yep, mine was meant to be more of "they cannot do that, but they could do this" kind of response. My apologies for not explaining right.


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Yep, mine was meant to be more of "they cannot do that, but they could do this" kind of response. My apologies for not explaining right.
No need. I don’t think Disney is ever going to check vaccination status, but who knows if things get really bad. I would have no issues with vaccine passports but I understand the problems with (and objections to) them.


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Port Orleans has an opening date…..covid is officially over 🥳🥳🎉🎉👍👍

All kidding aside I am cautiously optimistic that at least crowd levels will be low at the end of August when I’m there. The opening dates announced are all after I leave and the boo bash dates sold out are mostly after 10/1 or before I arrive and they are now offering FL resident discounts on hotels for the rest of the Summer. Maybe a lot of people are holding out for the 50th celebration which is fine with me. I just hope the Covid situation remains stable for the next 6+ weeks as well.

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