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Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion


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Wouldn't surprise me. I know it actually happened. Two friends, one 20, one 19, and perfectly healthy people, got called by their buddy who works as an ER nurse in Bradenton and they were able to get their shot(s) in January (!!!!!). kind of made me angry, but envious too.

Yeah, a surgeon friend of mine definitely knows people who "skipped the line" back in December when his hospital was vaccinating employees. But overall it's a really small number compared to doses given out.

I am a bit jealous as a an "essential employee" that has been coming into work every day for the past year. I don't think that's going to move me up in line one bit. But hopefully it's just a matter a few weeks and by summer it will just be a memory.


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Discussion happening on the party thread but yet another piece of evidence this summer we will quickly transition to normal, and this will all be a bad dream come the fall.

For me and mine, we look forward to following the Ghost with the Most into the fog this fall!👻💀🎃👿


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I have tried to find answers but come up short. Does anyone know why here, in Alabama, we aren’t getting enough vaccine? Our state is so far behind. We are still on 65+ and medical professionals. Even MS is further along. And it is NOT the inability to give shots. We don’t have any more shots to give. Appointments
Are being cancelled all the time
Due to supply. Wouldn’t the federal admin see this failure down south and step in? They keep setting up sites in florida and nothing at all here. We have had a positivity rate near 25% for months - finally down in the last few weeks. We need help!
Doses are allocated by population. AL has not received a proportionally fewer amount than elsewhere (tiny population states, excepted). According to the tracker on the Washington Post, AL has received vaccine to reach 18% of the population. My state is 17.5%. FL is 17.9%, CA is 17.8%. What is different is the number of “prioritized populations.” In AL, these doses only cover 1/3rd of this group, where it is closer to 50% elsewhere and 72% in FL. I do see AL is lagging on the “used” category though on the NY Times tracker. Only 67% used vs 70-80% in other states. The last mile is a state problem, so if appointments are being canceled is it over-scheduling, is it mismanagement by providers (we've seen FL, pull vaccines if providers can't actually get them distributed), is the state intentionally holding more in reserve for second does. As for the Federal sites, FL requested them, as have other states. If AL hasn't, then that is also a state problem. The Feds aren't going to storm into a state and take things over.


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I think most of us here knew this but here’s another report.

If you (not, specifically "you") read the article, you'll find that the "fewer" cases were a very small percentage. People like to present it as "if we just did these little things it would end the pandemic." Based on this study, that is not true.

From the article:
But allowing on-premises restaurant dining was associated with 0.9, 1.2 and 1.1 percentage point increases in cases up to 60, 80 and 100 days,
So, drastically restricting restaurant operations by not allowing any indoor dining at all get's you barely over 1% fewer daily cases.

As for the mask mandates, the effect is very slightly more in the longer term:
The researchers found that, from March 1 to December 31, requiring people to wear a mask outside their home or in retail businesses and restaurants was tied to a 0.5 percentage point decrease in the daily growth rate of Covid-19 cases up to 20 days after the mask mandate was implemented. Decreases up to 1.8 percentage points were seen up to 100 days later.
At least with the mask mandates you can argue that there isn't much downside so any effect is positive. Still, the amount credit some people give to masks is not supported by this research.


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Discussion happening on the party thread but yet another piece of evidence this summer we will quickly transition to normal, and this will all be a bad dream come the fall.

For me and mine, we look forward to following the Ghost with the Most into the fog this fall!👻💀🎃👿

They should do a pandemic themed house.


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They should do a pandemic themed house.
They did a few years back. Had a great lead in story that played out a couple of months. The house was dark, loud, mirrors and not overly scary except for the dark and loud disorientation. It strongly implicated the monkey as a vector


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My wife got her first shot last week. She randomly got a text message with an offer to sign up from the hospital. Said it was due to elevated risk due to review of her medical records. Only thing is, she has none of the comorbidities. She said there was a ton of folks at the site getting shots that were clearly in their 30s and 40s. Everybody who wants one of these is going to get one soon. Excited for our May trip to Disney (now just open up Port Orleans, please).

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