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Some interesting figures coming from the uk today based on random testing it’s theorised that 5% of the uk has covid antibodies but in London it’s 17% it’s also interesting that cases in London have fallen off a cliff in the last 2 weeks with some days seeing no reported cases


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In case people missed this, US enters into contract to buy 300M doses of the Oxford group’s vaccine for a cool $1.2B. This is the same vaccine that is performing stage 2 and 3 clinic trials right now. This deal also sets the stage for an additional phase 3 clinical trial in the US with 30,000 participants.



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My last comment on the matter. You are probably right that a comment on a Disney fan board wont' change someone's mind, but just possibly it will cause some introspection or maybe even desire to do some research into the issue/

It might be a waste of time to try to change someones opinion as to whether Tower of Terror is a superior attraction to Haunted Mansion or vice versa, but when it comes to public health I think it behooves us to try. Liking sausage pizza more than pepperoni is an opinion; choosing to ignore the science on vaccinations isn't an opinion, it's a detrimental choice to society that we should try to educate and correct.
To each their own. I was just giving my 2 cents and you are more than welcome to try to make a case for it. It’s been my experience that especially with politically charged issues, challenging people just makes them dig in even more on their side. It does more harm than good. Not talking about you personally in this thread just society in general and especially with social media.

For the record I get a flu shot every year and I will get a Covid vaccine assuming one proves to be safe and effective. Polling right now shows about 25% of the US population say they will not get a vaccine if one comes out. Not that surprising and not too big of a deal either. If we drop below 2/3 that’s where we hit potential troubled waters.

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Is that the total deaths as a percentage of total population? in the US right now the deaths as a percent of confirmed cases is right around 6%.
yeah. It looks to be as a % of population at this very moment. I mean, I wouldn’t call it survival rate.


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Latest Walt Disney World operating hours update shows park closures extended to mid-June
So the resort has been closed for 66 days now and with the extension to June 13th that makes the closure period a total of 89 days.
So that is 89 days added to our APs for those who are choosing the option to extend the AP period.


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Wonder the truth in this?
At least for the US, the math doesn't work out. A COVID-19 survival rate as a percentage of a country's population (a useless stat to begin with) of 99.983% equals a mortality rate of 0.017%. Multiply that times the US population of 331,002,000 and you get a total mortality of 56,270. The current US mortality total (as of when I write this, per Johns Hopkins, probably the most reliable source for accurate numbers) is 93,439.
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