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Convert RockNRoller Coaster to Star Wars? I think it's a good idea


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Hear me out...

Aerosmith is nice but they're getting old and even their resurgence in popularity is fading and the theming clashes badly with the rest of that area.

So here is what I would do:

I would entirely remove the entrance queue area that feeds into Sunset Blvd as it already doesn't fit with the 1930's era theming....then re-route the traffic out behind the Star Wars Launch Bay area, and make that all part of the Star Wars theming....in reality it is pretty close, however there would be some logistical issues, they may need to build a ramp over food and merchandise staging areas back there. Still, it's Disney and they can do this.

They could make an overlay that can be done in less than a year IMO if they really wanted to push. Then they'd have a 'new' attraction that beats their 5 year timeline for the new Star Wars stuff. A space battle rollercoaster with some custom rebellion spacecraft would get the guests in...add some newest effects instead of cardboard cutout signs....winner.


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I'd be fine with a re-theming. Aerosmith, like it or not, is now a nostalgia act. If a way to re-brand it as Star Wars could be done, great. In keeping with Hollywood Blvd. though, perhaps some type of 1940s Hollywood theme along the line of an Eddie Valiant caper.


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I always wanted them to put in No Doubt and play Tragic Kingdom. It would have been perfect at DCA's California Screamin before the billion dollar upgrade.
Actually when I was there I was thinking about how it's become dated despite how much I like the music and ride. But it could be cute to do something like Lilo and Stitch's Hawaiian roller coaster ride.


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One of the few times I would agree with an overlay. Kudos for a great idea! Although it is one of our favorite rides I have to admit I never really understood how Aerosmith fit into Hollywood studios. Although at the time a lot of their songs were being used in some blockbuster hits it just never really struck a chord with me (haha...yes that was intentional).


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Why not a ride where you get to pick your own music? Rock, country, pop, Classic Disney, etc????? The music could come out of speakers by your ears. They could have a catalog of music for each genre and even work with labels to get new music by artists previewed on the ride? Okay the last part might be a stretch but that would be cool and would celebrate the power of music and not just one band. It would be easy to add new music to on a constant basis thus changing the ride.

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