Construction restarted at Walt Disney World Resort - What is Actually still on


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Please let me know if anyone notices any construction updates in the blizzard of blogger videos today. In particular I would think we should learn if SSR has restarted and I'm hoping people may be able to get a peek at some Epcot stuff with better ability to see the actual park from the resorts...




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It isn't clear to what level it has been restarted. Are we talking about scaffolders doing a few days of work, or a full on resumption of actual construction. Might be a bit early to call is resumed.

Wow, Steve, you're quick. When I saw that Castastone had beat me to the punch by seconds, I immediately deleted my post. It was up for like 10 seconds! :)


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The only thing you will see around SSE is the deployed, full time cast members getting trained in the area.
I was asking about Saratoga Springs Resort, currently undergoing a massive 2 year refurbishment that brings its rooms up to the new standard Disney set with its new Riviera Resort. It opened last Monday.

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