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Pre-Trip Confirmations made, so here we go again.....

I just got back from my 'short trip w/ limited Disney' report a few weeks ago. I visited my daughter while my wife stayed back in PA. The wife is conserving some vacation time for one more FL trip. A review of the airfare found that we could pay less than $120 per ticket if I use some reward points. We figured that this will be the last FL trip until August or September since our daughter would be moving back home for the summer (off because she works for a school district). So we're going to fly out on a Friday morning in mid-May, and return home on Tuesday A.M. My daughter already booked our park reservations although she's having trouble landing a Saturday. As it gets closer we'll keep looking given the new Disney policy of releasing tickets 48 hrs prior if the reservation doesn't have a purchased ticket for that day. I'll keep everyone posted and log a bunch of pics.


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How great that you’ll be able to go back again so quickly. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you have less rain this time 😉


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Travel is back, for sure. We flew out of Philly on the 6:05 AM Frontier flight. It's a bit of a task with having to get up at 1:30 AM and leave the house at 2:30 AM. But the good thing is we get picked up at MCO by our daughter at 9:00 AM and we're ready to hit the parks. Anyway, the security wait line at Philly was the longest I have ever seen it. This was at 4:30 AM ! The flight was full, and the gate was filled. We're ready for a marathon long weekend. Reservations for Animal Kingdom on Friday, free day Saturday, Hollywood Studios Sunday, and Magic Kingdom on Monday. Here we go !




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We had a good flight. I couldn't sleep, but wife Kelly was out before we left the tarmac. I watched a Netflix movie instead. MCO was buzzing. We were excited to hit Animal Kingdom, but we were pretty hungry going the past 8 hours without having any food. Once we hooked up with my daughter and her dog, Bean, we figured we'd map out a plan to start our day. We agreed that we'll drop off Bean at the Best Friends kennel at Disney, and then we'll find somewhere at AK to grab something to eat.




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After we dropped Bean off at the kennel, it was about 12hours since my wife and I ate anything. My daughter was ready for some grub too after her two hour drive and early awakening. She was running off of a large Starbucks.
Last time I ate at Rainforest Cafe in Animal Kingdom was a disaster. I had the tuna poke salad (which I noticed is gone from the current menu). I couldn't be further than 50 yards from a bathroom. We decided to give it another chance because it was only a 10 minute
Sorry about the nachos. We were hungry ! I got the Iggy Piggy sandwich which was like a Cuban sandwich. Funky Buddha to start
the afternoon.





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We embarked on our Animal Kingdom day. It was gorgeous weather. Because it was early afternoon and the wait times over in Pandora seemed to be down a little we decided to start off with one of the best. It was only a 45 minute wait which actually turned out to be 35 minutes. I love this ride. The sights and the smells are amazing. I did notice they started using a minimal amount of water for the wet effects.




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