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Trip Report **COMPLETED** The Tale of the Three Backpacks

Doc Disney

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Day 3 continued
Our dinner reservation was coming up so we made our way to Mexico. We have eaten at San Angel Inn many times and my Mom insisted we could try something new but its her favorite (and I like it too!) and it was available so I picked it. I personally loved Coco so I was happy to see this cool display when we walked in :)

It wasn't quite time for dinner so we headed to Gran Fiesta Tour
Somehow there is always a fiesta "hoy" :joyfull::happy:;)
The people in the seat behind us kept asking why there were so many skeletons everywhere :hilarious:
After our ride we checked into dinner!
The line was crazy long so we expected a long wait but we were seated quickly! Hooray!
Since its so dark in there I only attempted one food picture :)
Sopa Azteca: Traditional tortilla soup served with fried corn tortilla strips, avocado, cheese, and pasilla pepper
So yummy!
I also ordered the Tostadas de Pollo: Crispy corn tortilla smothered with black beans and topped with chipotle chicken. Garnished with crema Mexicana and queso fresco, avocado, and tomatillo sauce.
The tostadas were good but I probably would have done OK with just the soup and eating a few bites of my Mom's food because the soup was very filling! I think I only ended up eating a very small amount of the tostadas.
My Mom ordered the Mole Poblano: Grilled chicken breast served over parsley white rice, with a classic mole sauce made with nuts, spices, chiles and a hint of chocolate.
Super yummy as usual! Mexico did not disappoint us! It was delicious and our server was super sweet. I wish I remembered her name.

Next up: a few more random pictures

Doc Disney

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@Doc Disney, we were there over MLK weekend, so we just missed you. More importantly, when are you and your mom going to do another runDisney race? Now that you're no longer a sleep deprived resident, surely y'all can do the 2019 Princess.... 😊
Shooting for the Star Wars 2019 10K or Half I think :)

Doc Disney

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Day 3 continued
When we came out of dinner the chill was back in the air. Any plans we had for the evening quickly went away and we decided to take some photos and head back to the Grand Floridian for some warmth.
Overall we had a fantastic time at the Festival of the Arts. The displays were cool, the food was great, the photo ops were fun and the Broadway series was lovely! I think it may be my favorite festival now just because of the diversity of the things offered! I hope they keep this one around :)
Back at the GF it was too early for bed so we sat in the lobby a bit and listened to the pianist. The GF is especially great at night between the band and the piano...super chill vibe in there!
Then it was off to bed!

Next up: AK day!


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Day 3 continued
For some reason our monorail ride seemed extra long. I was dealing with a work issue so I missed it but my Mom had to listen to a conversation between two woman trying to outdo each other with these extravagant Disney trips or tours or surprises they have taken/had. She said it was pretty obnoxious :facepalm: Glad I missed it. Back at the GF our room wasn't ready so we changed and headed down to the pool for some sunshine (by change I mean into different clothes...it still wasn't bathing suit weather :joyfull: )
View attachment 263225
View attachment 263226
View attachment 263227
Even though it wasn't super hot out it was nice to have some time in the sun :)
From the earlier long trip back to the hotel I had had it with the monorail so we treated ourselves with another Minnie Van :joyfull:
View attachment 263232
Our driver was very nice and chatty and very quickly we made it to Epcot. I'm sure it would have been much cheaper to take an Uber but we wanted to test out my Mom's phone with the Minnie Van service :)
View attachment 263233
I had picked up a FP for Soarin' so we headed there first. Only we were in the FP line for like 30 minutes and we were still not even in the pre-show line. We debated a bit but ultimately knew we had to leave the line in order to make it to our Broadway show time. I asked a CM if we could leave due to timing issues and fully expected to be directed out the regular line but instead we got shuffled into a backstage area. It took several CMs to take us to an exit. The last CM was super nice about it and asked us if we were meeting a wheelchair party. I explained that we were leaving due to running out of time and she almost offered us paper FPs to come back but my Mom assured her we were OK and had ridden the ride many times before. :joyfull:
Anyway then began the great trek to the American Pavilion :)
View attachment 263234
Woohoo we made it with like 5 minutes to spare (in our please arrive 15 minutes early window :joyfull: )
View attachment 263235
View attachment 263236
We had Kevin Massey and Kara Lindsay! They are married and super cute! He was in Tarzan and she was in Newsies. My pictures are awful but I will share anyway :joyfull:
View attachment 263237
View attachment 263238
Anyway the show was great!! They sang songs from Tarzan, Newsies (which we never saw :jawdrop:), Frozen, and Aladdin. The show was only 30 minutes and I think that was the only downfall...I wanted it to be so much longer! I am so happy we were able to catch it!

Next up: Mexico!
I agree that 30 min seems way too short
One hour would be more reasonable
Glad you enjoyed it


Doc Disney

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Day 4 January 20, 2018
This morning we both woke up super early. I wrote down 5:50 am so that must have been the time :) I briefly considered getting up for good and getting to AK EMH but decided against it and we both went back to sleep for a little bit.
Beautiful sunrise this morning
In case anyone was wondering what the new Room Occupied signs look like (instead of Do Not Disturb)
Beautiful water!
We headed to breakfast and I switched it up and got a bagel instead of tater tots. One part of my bagel got stuck in the giant toaster and I couldn't figure out how to get it out. I literally had to stop myself from sticking my hand in there....common sense is not my thing sometimes :joyfull: Thankfully a CM came out of the blue and fixed it!
We headed to the bus stop after this and waited about 18 minutes for a bus but soon enough we were on our way to AK!
We still made it in time for EMH so we tapped our bands and headed to Everest!
It was listed as a 20 minute wait but we only waited 5 minutes :)

Next up: my Mom has my camera :)

Doc Disney

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Day 4 continued
I went to the bathroom and my Mom had my camera so enjoy these random photos she took :)
Some random trees...

Finally I got my camera back and took a picture of my Mom :)
We had a FP coming up so we wandered in the direction of Pandora.
Along the way we found a monkey
And a waterfall...
I tried to go the back way into Pandora by Festival of the Lion King but there was a sign up saying exit only so we back tracked
Finally we made it to Pandora

Next up: more Pandora

Doc Disney

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Day 4 continued
Pandora overload
I like how the flowers are in different stages of opening...super small detail!

I couldn't get a FP for Flight of Passage so we headed to Navi River Journey for our first FP
Enjoy my blurry phone pictures ...
Unpopular opinion but we really enjoy this ride! In my mind its a classic Disney boat ride and those are always great. Certainly its not thrilling but its a nice relaxing ride :) Totally get the argument that its not necessarily worth a long wait though!
More pictures of Pandora

Next up: more AK!

Doc Disney

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Day 4 continued
We headed to the Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail next
Along the way my Mom got put in jail :joyfull:
The only bird I could find...:p
I wanted to see if the baby hippo was out by chance but it wasn't ... not surprising :joyfull: It was like a newborn at this point.
Hello sleepy gorilla !
I have a million gorilla pictures so sorry....

Next up: likely 10 or more Gorilla pictures :p
Day 4 continued
We headed to the Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail next
Along the way my Mom got put in jail :joyfull:
View attachment 263785
The only bird I could find...:p
View attachment 263786
I wanted to see if the baby hippo was out by chance but it wasn't ... not surprising :joyfull: It was like a newborn at this point.
View attachment 263788
View attachment 263789
View attachment 263790
View attachment 263792
Hello sleepy gorilla !
View attachment 263793
I have a million gorilla pictures so sorry....
View attachment 263797
View attachment 263798
View attachment 263799

Next up: likely 10 or more Gorilla pictures :p
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