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Trip Report **COMPLETED** The Tale of the Three Backpacks


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I think Epcot :cry: I'm excited for you to do the HEA dessert party!!!
I'm excited for being in the gardem with not so many people crowded around! My husband will have an ECV for the first time, and I know there is no way he would go sit in a huge crowd on the street to see HEA, so I thought the party would be worth the extra $$$ to eliminate that problem!


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Day 5 continued
My Mom is something else
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My new hat says "My Happy Place" with a picture of the castle :)
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With breakfast you get started off with some biscuits which were super tasty and fresh!
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My Mom ordered....non surprisingly... a waffle :) She also got more strawberries and fresh whipped cream with it...just not in the picture
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I decided to order something I would never order if I was going to a park (because its too heavy)...or in real life at home: Steak and Eggs.
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I got my eggs over medium and it also came with Cheesy-Hash Brown Casserole. I wish I asked for a different side because I am not a huge fan of the onions in the casserole but it didn't matter because the other two things were more than enough! The steak was ah-mazaing! Way better than I ever expected out of a breakfast item! It was supposed to come with Chimichurri Sauce but I did not realize until after that I didn't get it. This was so filling that I don't think I even ate again until like 6 pm this day!
Yum....but also so filling that I don't think I could eat it then go to a park and on rides right away :joyfull:
We really enjoyed our breakfast and we will probably be back again someday but wow is it pricey (yes, yes I know I ordered a steak but the waffle was like $18 with the fruit and whipped cream which seems excessive).
Sadly after our breakfast we had to collect our carry-ons and head to the Tragical Express pick up spot
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We felt extra sad because our next trip felt/feels so long away. Our ride home was uneventful aside from the fact that we made up for a scooter free bus experience with 13....yes 13!....wheelchairs on our flight making for a very long boarding and exit of the plane (aren't wheelchair people supposed to leave the plane last?!).

Next up: 68 days to go until whole family trip...I should probably get back to my PTR
:( stay longer so your tr can be longer too!!!
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