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Trip Report **COMPLETED** The Tail of Slinky Dog

Hey everyone!
We have been back for a week now so I suppose it is time to start our TR!

Just my Mom and I :) (Mary and Megan)
This is a picture from our last trip!

July 9-July 16 2018

To celebrate my 30th Birthday :)

The Grand Floridian :) - thanks to a pretty good bounce back or AP deal (I can't actually remember which one :joyfull: )

The title?
We are obsessed with Slinky Dog Dash - plain and simple :inlove:

Day 1 July 9, 2018
I had to work most of my usual day before we headed to the airport. Why is this day of work always the LONGEST day of work? o_O
My Dad was actually out of town for work so he couldn't drive us to the airport, but my brother in law Nick kindly offered to drive us (thankfully) :)
I was super stressed about leaving on time (I thought our flight was earlier than it was :banghead: ) hence my flushed cheeks :joyfull:

Oh hey Nick

Of course we made it to the airport, checked our bags and made it through security in little to no time :joyfull:
We decided to eat dinner at our usual airport dinner place - Anchor Bar :)



We shared the appetizer sampler and some fries. Wings, boneless wings, mozzarella sticks :happy::hungry: I realize now this isn't the best of pictures to actually show the food :joyfull:


After our delicious dinner we headed to the gate to wait to leave.
Petey was ready to go :)

Soon enough we were on the plane!

Next up: finishing Day 1 (quick day!)


Premium Member
I always love your reports! I it's so cool how you travel so often with your mom, that is awesome! Congrats on the house and I look forward to your next report. :)

Doc Disney

Well-Known Member
Original Poster
Just finished reading the report. Happy Belated Birthday and Congratulations on the new home. Hope you are all settled in now.
I am gathering a few ideas from your birthday celebration for my daughter's sweet 16th celebration in November. Wish my family were early risers, I would definitely wake up at 5am to get into the parks. Thanks for taking us along and loving the pictures :)

Thank you!! I hope your daughter has an amazing sweet 16 at Disney :) I am lucky that both my Mom and I are early risers but I can not say the same for the rest of my family :joyfull:

Enjoyed reading your TR! Looking forward to your next one! (assuming you have another trip planned soon ;))

Thank you foe reading! And ....I do have another one soon :joyfull:

Brian & Jill

Well-Known Member
Love your trip reports!!!!! Congratulations on “The American Dream”. It’s always exciting to have a place of your own that you (and the bank) own. When are you going back down to Mickey’s house?

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