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Trip Report **COMPLETED** The 4 M's Go to Disney: a 4th of July Extravaganza

Doc Disney

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Yea I;m finally in on the beginning of your trip report:)
Can't wait for more of your July 4th trip! (and you are so brave to go to WDW over the 4th)
Max is adorable!! he has a really cute smile:)
Love his and penguin's shirts. Did your sister make yours too?
Welcome and thank you!!!
The 4th was actually not bad - it was way less crowded than I anticipated !
Yep she made all our shirts!


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Following along!!! I'm always pumped to see your adventures! I hope you guys had a fantastic time!! :D


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Hello everyone! We are back from the World so I figured I should start my Trip Report :)

My Mom (Mary) and I (Megan)
View attachment 388023
ANDDDD (you are not just stuck with the 2 of us)
My sister Elizabeth (we call her Betta) and my nephew Max
View attachment 388024

The Contemporary :) This was Betta and Max's first stay at the Contemporary - Max's first Deluxe stay :)

July 4-7, 2019

We all have off on Fridays so with the 4th being on a Thursday it was a free 4 day weekend!

The title?
Max liked to say that the 4 M's were going to Disney: Max, Mommy (Betta obviously), Megan, Mary :hilarious: My Mom pointed out the 4 M's and he loved it!

T-1 Day July 3, 2019
After work we headed to meet Betta and Max at the hotel we were staying at across the street from the airport. My sister and Max live about an hour away from us so it is much easier for them to stay at a hotel before a trip - especially one where we have to get up pretty early.
We had an incident bringing our suitcases up to the room and my Mom accidentally tripped on this sign so we felt the need to document it :hilarious:
View attachment 388028
View attachment 388029
After we got Betta and Max settled into their room we headed to Cracker Barrel to get some dinner with my Dad before he dropped us off for the night.
We could see the airport from our room :)
View attachment 388030

July 4, 2019 Day 1
We slept decently well and woke up at 4 am - this particular hotel we stayed in was much better than the usual one we stay in across from the airport so that was nice.
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View attachment 388032
My sister drove us over to the Airport so we did not have to take the hotel shuttle. She parked in a lot I was very unfamiliar with and we ended up having to take a shuttle from there to the airport which took more time than I anticipated. Naturally I was stressed out. This parking lot is cheaper which makes sense but I am spoiled by where we usually park when we are with my Dad :joyfull:
Thankfully check-in and security were fast and we made our way to grab some food for breakfast.
View attachment 388035
My Mom and I had bagels
View attachment 388036
Max had some mini donuts and my sister had a breakfast sandwich
View attachment 388037

Next up: more traveling
Following along! Love your trip reports!

Doc Disney

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Sorry I don't know how I managed to trail off trip reporting .....

Day 1 continued
After our nice PP picture ( :hilarious: ) we split up. My Mom and I were starving so we headed to grab some food. Betta and Max had some snacks on the DME so they were not as hungry as us.
We debated a bit about what to eat but eventually landed on Cosmic Rays so we could have some plastic cheese :inlove:
We stopped for a picture along the way...
At Cosmic Rays we shared chicken nuggets, fries and plastic cheese! Yum!!
You may be able to see in the photo that I brought reusable/silicone straws with us this trip. They were MUCH better than the paper straws and easy to clean. Plus we had 4 different colors so we knew who's was who's :)
Meanwhile Max had a Mickey bar :hilarious:
We met back up outside of the Tomorrowland Speedway. Since it was back open Max asked to ride so we hopped in line!
I should mention that we were already very hot at this point :rolleyes:
The wait time was listed as 45 minutes but we only waited about 15! Woohoo!
After our ride we headed towards our first FP: Buzz!

Next up: more Buzz

Doc Disney

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Day 1 continued
We wanted to go on the Peoplemover after this but Max did not want to ride because "there are dark parts" so Betta walked him around to see if he would fall asleep while my Mom and I rode :)
Hello Tron construction
After this we headed towards Main St - well first we took some purple wall photos

Next up: more MK

Doc Disney

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Day 1 continued
Max did end falling asleep so we sat outside City Hall on a nice bench while he napped
It was nice and shady and a perfect spot to relax.
Move It Shake It made its way by
Then...as we were sitting there .... Friar Tuck and Prince John walked by!
My sister and I followed them and they were doing a meet and greet.

Next up: more MK
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Doc Disney

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Day 2 continued
I really wanted my Mom to get this "Disney check" of meeting them so I got back in line with her :hilarious:
They were really cool and interactive ! My Mom and Betta both made jokes about Prince John sucking his thumb and Friar Tuck was loving it!
Anyway, Max eventually woke up refreshed and we were ready for our next FP: Mickey and Minnie!

Next up: more MK
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Day 1 continued
View attachment 389904
Max did end falling asleep so we sat outside City Hall on a nice bench while he napped
View attachment 389906
View attachment 389916
View attachment 389917
It was nice and shady and a perfect spot to relax.
Move It Shake It made its way by
View attachment 389918
Then...as we were sitting there .... Friar Tuck and King Richard walked by!
My sister and I followed them and they were doing a meet and greet.
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View attachment 389921
View attachment 389922
View attachment 389923
View attachment 389924

Next up: more MK
I think that's actually Prince John...
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