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Trip Report **COMPLETED** The 4 M's Go to Disney: a 4th of July Extravaganza

Doc Disney

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Hello everyone! We are back from the World so I figured I should start my Trip Report :)

My Mom (Mary) and I (Megan)
ANDDDD (you are not just stuck with the 2 of us)
My sister Elizabeth (we call her Betta) and my nephew Max

The Contemporary :) This was Betta and Max's first stay at the Contemporary - Max's first Deluxe stay :)

July 4-7, 2019

We all have off on Fridays so with the 4th being on a Thursday it was a free 4 day weekend!

The title?
Max liked to say that the 4 M's were going to Disney: Max, Mommy (Betta obviously), Megan, Mary :hilarious: My Mom pointed out the 4 M's and he loved it!

T-1 Day July 3, 2019
After work we headed to meet Betta and Max at the hotel we were staying at across the street from the airport. My sister and Max live about an hour away from us so it is much easier for them to stay at a hotel before a trip - especially one where we have to get up pretty early.
We had an incident bringing our suitcases up to the room and my Mom accidentally tripped on this sign so we felt the need to document it :hilarious:
After we got Betta and Max settled into their room we headed to Cracker Barrel to get some dinner with my Dad before he dropped us off for the night.
We could see the airport from our room :)

July 4, 2019 Day 1
We slept decently well and woke up at 4 am - this particular hotel we stayed in was much better than the usual one we stay in across from the airport so that was nice.
My sister drove us over to the Airport so we did not have to take the hotel shuttle. She parked in a lot I was very unfamiliar with and we ended up having to take a shuttle from there to the airport which took more time than I anticipated. Naturally I was stressed out. This parking lot is cheaper which makes sense but I am spoiled by where we usually park when we are with my Dad :joyfull:
Thankfully check-in and security were fast and we made our way to grab some food for breakfast.
My Mom and I had bagels
Max had some mini donuts and my sister had a breakfast sandwich

Next up: more traveling


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WooHoo I'm in!

Also, super random and this probably shows how little I slept last night - as I was reading and the bagel was halfway on the bottom of the page, I thought it was Chewbacca :p. Excuse me while I get another cup of coffee :angelic:


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Following! We were down at the same time, until late on the 6th. It was HOT! But oh so fun. Look forward to your report!


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Following along! And this time I'm not catching on at the end of a report :) Max looks so much bigger than the last time he appeared in a trip report.
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