Comparing Disney's Hotels to UNI's latest


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Sure - but would you travel to Florida just to stay there and stay in Orlando vs staying somewhere with actual nightlife, beaches, culture, etc?

I love Beach Club... but vacation destination in itself it is not.

Maybe Vero Beach DVC -- I've gone out of my way just to stay there for a few days. I've done Hilton Head DVC, too, once (we generally stay at the Hilton on HH, but it was recently sold, so now I'm not sure what we're going to do there).


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Wasn't actually a Hilton, just use their reservation system and name. It's actually owned by individual investors in some sort of investors owned rooms time share scheme. I'm not sure if anyone knows exactly how that place works. Use to be Mariners Inn long ago. Doesn't matter same owners differnt management companies here's the lastest reno with new name.

I had thought that it was an unusual arrangement for a Hilton: it was, in my case, the Hilton management that brought us there. My wife travels frequently for business, so we always got a much better deal due to her loyalty status, which won't be the case anymore. We'll still check it out, but I doubt it works out for us economically.


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Holy cow, this place looks great. Love the trendy Googie theme. Love the low-ish price points. Love the bowling! I'm a little curious about transportation to the parks though; no water taxi is fine, but it seems like it might be a bit of a hike to walk to the parks and Citywalk. At least by Uni standards.

Small complaints though. A value resort with an actual theme and decent amenities... imagine that.


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If Disney World hotels were "stand alone" venues and not attached to theme parks, they'd be vacation spots all by themselves. The pools, restaurants, decor, etc. would qualify them as places people would go to and make a vacation out of.

Sure they would...right after South Of The Border and GatorLand.


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i still like Disney resort hotels more. you have to admit sometimes they're better than the actual parks.


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I have actually told my husband to cancel our planned trip in sept./ oct and lets just do universal for the week. Trust me theres ton to do. The atmosphere is so better, cms are better, and the guest act so much better.

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