Characters from Big Hero 6 to appear for meet and greets at Walt Disney World this fall


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I think the real problem is that the "official" Hiro just looks like an adult cosplaying as a child character.
It manages to look lazy, cheap, and kind of creepy all at once.


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Would an Asian guy be turned away from coming into a park wearing a red shirt, blue sweatshirt and khaki shorts?
Well, people wouldn't be and haven't been turned away if they came in dressed like Gaston in plain clothes. It's kinda what Disney-bounding is.

It's when you coming in wearing a full costume that it gets you turned away. If someone tried to come in wearing Hiro's hero costume, that'd be a no-no.


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I've never heard of Disney-bounding, but on my 60th birthday, I went to MK wearing red shorts, black tee, yellow tennies and my vintage MM ears. I also wore my birthday button...I got lots of pixie dust that day. :)

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That's Hiro
I never said these example cosplayers were playing Tadashi.

Does it matter? They're having fun and not hurting anybody. I think we should be heartened that so many Disney characters of late cross traditional gender lines in their appeal- girls like Wreck-It Ralph and Hiro, and plenty of boys like Rapunzel and Elsa.
Way to instantly take it personal or into a sexist debate.

Cesar R M

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The same reason they like cosplaying as Sora, Riku, Roxas, Axel and the other majority of male characters from Kingdom Hearts...They like them...
I actually wonder what is the perfect character combination to cause such popularity.

For example.. Jack frost and Bunnymund from rise of the guardians, are VERY popular in deviantart.
Sora and Riku as well from Kingdom Hearts.
Grimjow from Bleach manga..etc..etc..
But other characters are completely untouched...
Which is what made me ask the question.
What makes certain characters (sometimes secondary and not primary) connect so much?

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