Characters from Big Hero 6 to appear for meet and greets at Walt Disney World this fall


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The video every couple of years gets posted, then taken down almost immediately. I myself have been searching for a copy and have yet to find one.


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From the article....
"When Lasseter and Catmull came aboard, they were encouraged to consider shuttering Disney Animation altogether and replacing it with the ascendant Pixar."
Disney Animation was in shambles, and good old Bob decided to simply buy Pixar to replace it. Lasseter saved DAS.

Honestly, how anyone with any kind of stake in enjoying Walt Disney's version of Disney could dislike John Lasseter is beyond my comprehension.

Agree, some of the criticism directed at him on other Disney forums really doesn't make sense to me.

The job he's done at WDAS has been incredible, I've really enjoyed everything they've done during his tenure and think the slate for the next few years is exciting. That being said, I don't think the films made during the "dark age" of the 2000's are anywhere near as bad as they're often made out to be; I've always thought Treasure Planet is criminally underrated.

But Lasseter deserves huge credit for the way things have gone in the last few years, I think getting him and Ed Catmull to lead Disney animation is the best decision Bob Iger has made as CEO.


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It's extremely easy to find if you know where to search. Honestly it's not as interesting as the mystique behind the whole story makes it seem.
It's interesting in that there never was and likely never will be a documentary crew that gets the level of access with the crew and important meetings. Honestly, I'd love to look through all the footage she shot and try to give the audience more context into the production compared to what little is shown.



From twitter


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I'm actually a bigger fan of the face for Hiro than face character. Something about "normal" humans as suits just bothers me. I can understand it with the proportions on Ralph, but Vanelloppe is definitely a bit creepy. It'll probably work better in the long run.


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Um....Okay..Just IMO...He looks like a cosplayer from Comic Con....
No...I would have gone with a costumed character version like they did for the Robinson Characters...
Face characters are always better than weird foam head humans. He is just a normal guy, so there aren't really even any features that need to be over exaggerated.

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