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News Buzzy’s been stolen?

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My question is how exactly BDD was able to get Buzzy's clothes off in the first place. With Buzzy being 10ft off the ground he must've had to stand on something or had someone lift him up
As others have said, there is that maintenance lift, but I doubt that would be easily accessed by BDD unless he really knew what he was doing.

Matt Sonswa's video has him crawling underneath Hypothalamus and climbing stairs backstage. There's one point in the video that shows an opening behind the perch/arm Buzzy was on. If he was desperate, he could have climbed on and shimmied across to take the clothes


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I’m still curious if BDD was trying to get back at the company for something, or what his motives were; he talked an awful lot on Twitter and I always got some sense of arrogance, but maybe that was just me.
“Some”?! More than some. It’s not just you. :) Some tweets rated in the “delusions of grandeur” category. Though I’m not at all surprised that he was somewhat less brave in the police station. ;)


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Honestly, it'd be pretty easy to find the fenced items. Just search every house in Golden Oak, I guarantee it's in there.


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I have been reluctant to post this as I didn't want to oust my sources, but I just had to put something in. You all are missing the most obvious explanation of what happened that explains it all...

An imaginer had a great solution for a project in the WOL pavilion that was presented to Bob Iger. It only had a hint of IP, but surprisingly, Bob really thought it was the perfect plan and brought in execs to explore the plan further. In the end, Bob said it cost too much money to move Buzzy and a few other props and canceled any further action. It left many imagineers furious.

So they came up with a plan that they thought would solve it. What if they got a someone to steal Buzzy? It is believed that Joe Roehde was even consulted on this, and a plan was established. They convinced some individuals from Archives that Bob had plans to completely destroy Buzzy as he hated everything to do with Epcot and what it once stood for. It had them nervous to lose such a piece of history that they actually went to BDD and Matt Sonswa to work together, to create the great Buzzy Caper. They convinced them that even if they were caught, they would get a million hits on youtube as a result, making them legendary.

The plan was that they would steal pieces of Buzzy slowly overtime. BDD would sell the pieces back to individuals from archives on the black web. They started with the clothes, but the plan was accelerated when a few Disney mega fans caught wind that supposedly Bob Iger was going to destroy Buzzy, and they were planning their own 3 man heist. BDD and Matt didn't want to lose out, so they hastily rushed the stealing of Buzzy, forgetting to collect a "ransom" from archives as all they could imagine was them becoming the greatest youtube legends ever.

Very little has come out because Disney is trying to negotiate with them the movie rights, as they think this could be the greatest franchise ever. And does anybody really think they would let these two so easily explore so many things...they had vision, box office dollars.
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