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Browser Wars - Which browser is the most used on the WDWMAGIC forums?


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Browser usage for WDWMAGIC Forums

Jan 1 to Jan 31 2009

Internet Explorer 63%
Firefox 24%
Safari 10%
Chrome 2%
Opera 0.4%

Jan 1 to Jan 31 2010
Internet Explorer 54%
Firefox 24%
Safari 15%
Chrome 5%
Opera 0.3%

Jan 1 to Jan 31 2011
Internet Explorer 46%
Firefox 22%
Safari 21%
Chrome 9%
Opera 0.5%

Jan 1 to Jan 31 2012
Internet Explorer 35%
Safari 25%
Firefox 18%
Chrome 13%
Android Browser 3%

Jan 1 to Jan 31 2013
Safari 39%
Internet Explorer 23%
Chrome 18%
Firefox 13%
Android Browser 5%

Jan 1 to Jan 31 2014
Safari 43%
Chrome 24%
Internet Explorer 17%
Firefox 11%
Android Browser 5%
Amazon Silk 1%

Oct 1 to Oct 31 2014
Safari 43%
Chrome 29%
IE 15%
Firefox 10%
Android Browser 3%
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That's really interesting to see the changes over the past few years or so.


Yoruba Obladi Oblada brah
Premium Member
I feel so antiquated. :oops: So many more using Safari. I use Chrome unless I'm on my iPhone then it is Safari.

Sans Souci

Well-Known Member
I am about 90% Safari and 10% Chrome. I find the hand gestures on the trackpad of my MBP work better in Safari than in Chrome, which only makes sense.


Well-Known Member
Chrome! Chrome on the iTouch, Chrome on the laptop, Chrome on the Android tablet...on my Windows RT I'm locked into IE. Hoping Google eventually comes out with Chrome for RT because I HATE IE.


Well-Known Member
I have Chrome on both my home and work laptops. I still use Safari on my iPad though just because I never remember to install Chrome on there. I use the browser that comes with Android phones too for the same reason.