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Browser Wars - Which browser is the most used on the WDWMAGIC forums?


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That's what I was going to say.. let's filter desktop vs mobile clients :)

I still prefer chrome on the iphone over safari - the integrated experience across all your devices is hard to top.
Chrome hadn't been working right for me on iOS so I switched back to Safari. I'm on both iOS and OS X so when I switched back Safari had added the syncing I loved with Chrome.


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That was note resting to see. :)

I have safari, but doesn't know what kind. The iPad kind. I only use it because that's what it came with and not because I have enough knowledge or experience to prefer one over another.


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The rise in Chrome over Internet Explorer is the most interesting to me. Safari I can see because it comes with Apple products and Apple proliferates so much; but Chrome's dominance over IE surprises me somewhat. I would like to see mobile devices separately. Curious how IE and Safari would look on each.


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IE has a track record of security issues and other issues. I use it on my RT because unless I want to jailbreak it, I don't have a choice, but I use Chrome on my iTouch, Android Tablet, Android phone, and computer. It's nice to have a browser that works of most of my devices and that saves my history and settings. I can get on a school computer, log into Chrome, and I know everything will be in the same spot.

Safari is only on my iTouch, and ot's okay, but I really prefer Chrome. Safari sometimes has issues.

I have Firefox on my laptop, but usually only use it for video streaming. It's smoother for that.