Breakfast All Day?


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I have never heard of Taylor ham and I am originally from Northern NY. Is it like Canadian bacon? I will Google it..

I do think a 24 hour breakfast joint would be an incredible idea for Disney or let's convince Art Smith to do brunch 7 days a week during all hours of operation. Yum!
See what you made me do this morning? Actually it’s my Sunday treat…


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WDW can take a few lessons on how to create and serve quality food for breakfast from NJ diners. Anyone that thinks Denny’s is real diner food is mistaken. It is interesting in America Health rankings in 2019, HI came in 1st, NJ was 8th and FL was 33rd, but no surprise the most unhealthy states were WV, AL, LA, MS.
Jersey diners are the ABSOLUTE BEST!!!!!!

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