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Rumor Brazil is the frontrunner for a new World Showcase Pavilion


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As much as I want all the pavilions to have attractions I will take a new one without an attraction over a no new pavilions. Also with France and UK getting new attractions just because it doesn't open with a new attraction doesn't mean it will never have one. This is all very exciting stuff.
no, it really DOES mean it will never have one... Phase 2 plans rarely ever happen... If it ever does get an attraction it will be so far down the road we may never see it... I would prefer them not build a new pavilion until they have a comprehensive plan that includes an attraction, rather than a chep Brasil themed gift shop and QS location...that would just be pathetic...and kind of insulting to the country they are representing....


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I don't mind the countries without attractions. If the pavilion was immersive, architecturally impressive, had good food, unique merchandise and some good street entertainment I feel like it would be a win. :shrugs: of course I would prefer a brand new well themed Brazil E-ticket but we haven't had a new pavilion since what? the 1980s so I will take a representation of South America in the world showcase thanks even if it's rideless... for now.


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I get it. AK has improved leaps and bounds since I was a kid at Disney, so who knows what my sister and I would have chosen if we were that young again. While we loved the kids activities, and just overall were amazed at a lot of WS, we both wanted more attractions.

After 35 years, Mexico and Norway are still the only countries to have rides. France is finally getting one in a few years, followed by the UK. Although this is a step in the right direction, it's not enough. The International Gateway side of the park could end up with congestion to match what Norway had when Frozen opened. A Brazilian attraction would help with this (again, along with that Fuji coaster that's probably never going to be built :(). And don't get me started on the Canadian pavilion. It not only needs a QS restaurant, but a ride would be a nice addition. If you enter the WS from the Imagination side of FW, I don't think it's the most exciting way to start the journey around the WS.
And a high-caliber table service option for the America Pavilion!

Princess Leia

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They could/should do so much with it. Burgers, wings, steak sandwiches, hot dogs for lunch, full Thanksgiving dinner, BBQ, Lobster, Crabcakes, Tex Mex, whatever the hell they eat on the Left Coast for dinner
If we're going to include the food I ate in Alaska this summer, reindeer sausage pizza and salmon.


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Personally I'd love either Russia, Greece, or Egypt.
Well, that's the thing - and part of the reason the concept itself of World Showcase is so problematic these days.

I don't think I need to comment about why Russia would not fly - Disney would not touch that with a thousand-foot-pole.

Greece is bankrupt; I don't think there will be any money coming from them to build a pavilion any time soon.

And Egypt is such a political hotbed and shifting regimes right now, I can't see that, either.

It's just not the 1980's any more. The world is in such a hyper-political state right now - that shows no signs of slowing or changing whatsoever - that the choices of what to add are very, very limited. Not to mention, the concept of "cultural appropriation" itself is so controversial these days it's just shocking they are going to add a new country, at all. There is no way the current cultural shifts would allow Disney to get away with it.